A Matter of Time book 4

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A Matter of Time book 4

If you haven’t read books 1, 2, or 3 please do yourself a favor and read them before starting book 4 it will be well worth it! And if it’s been a while since reading them let me remind you of the two main characters.

First we have Jory (Keyes) Harcourt. He is a wonderfully big hearted guy who will do just about anything for a friend. His last name was legally changed in book 2 when he worked for as a personal assistant for architect Dane Harcourt his now brother by choice not by blood. Jory witnesses a murder while doing a favor for a friend and that is how he met Detective Sam Kage.

Sam ends up trying to protect Jory until he can testify and ends up falling for Jory. But you see up until meeting Jory Sam was straight. He wants to be with Jory but has problems thinking he can’t be a cop and gay. So the two of them are constantly on again off again (Sam reminds me of a little boy who has to have his cake and eat it too!).

In book 3 Jory took Sam back after a 3 years absence. Sam has come to terms with himself and his feelings for Jory. But as always, trouble seems to find Jory.

Book 4 picks up right where book 3 ends. Someone is killing men who have a connection to Jory and his brother Dane. While Sam and Dane who has cut his honeymoon short are arguing about what and who is best for Jory, Jory and Aja (Danes bride) go out to get some food for the four of them. They end up with kidnappers after them. Aja gets away because of Jory but unfortunately he does not. Jory ends up being held captive along with Caleb who is Danes brother by blood (Dane never didn’t know about him or the rest of his blood relatives until recently having been adopted as an infant). Amazingly Jory escapes and ends back in Sam’s arms. But then Sam is hurt shortly after Jory is released from the hospital.

What follows is an amazing journey for Jory as he tries to keep Sam safe by trying to find the killer. Along the way Jory meets some very interesting characters. After all is said and done the killer is found and what a twist that was!!

I wish Mary could have expanded the story to include what happened at Jory and Sam’s wedding. And then the after effects of Sam’s brothers wedding, where they could not tell anyone about them being married. And where Amanda, (a woman in the wedding party), could get her comeuppance.

I was very sorry to see this series end and hope Mary can see it in her heart to revisit Jory and Sam every so often

Thank you Mary for such wonderfully extraordinary characters who felt so much more like friends

Book Blurb for A Matter of Time book 4

Jory Harcourt is back in trouble. An old threat has shown up, and soon Jory is running from a madman who’ll do anything to see him dead. When Jory is kidnapped it soon becomes clear he is up against something bigger than he ever imagined. Sam Kage, the police detective he loves, is caught in the crossfire, and ends up fighting for his life in a hospital bed. Jory springs into action, and goes on the defensive to catch a serial killer. The trail leads from his home in Chicago to Dallas and back. More resourceful than anyone imagined, Jory cracks the case, or does he? And can his love affair with Sam withstand the pressure?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 5.00