A Matter of Time book 3

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A Matter of Time book 3

A Matter of Time book 3 by Mary Calmes was by far her best in this series.

In book 3 Jory Harcourt is kidnapped, beaten and takes a bullet for the man he loves and it’s still not enough to keep his on again off again partner Detective Sam Kage by his side. All this happens in the first chapter!!

Fast forward three years. Jory has healed in body but still cannot replace Sam in his heart. He has tried with drink, numerous one night stands and even a year long relationship. He also has a new career with a great business partner who is trying to set him up on a date with a friend. His brother Dane (a brother by choice not of blood) his ex boss has just gotten married. Things are starting to get a little better for Jory.

There’s an old Boyce and Hart song called Where Angels go Trouble Follows which comes to mind when I think about Jory in this story. Now I’m not calling Jory an angel but trouble definitely has a way of following Jory.

Sam is back now and wants another chance. Jory’s most recent ex also wants back in to his life. Oh! And someone is killing men that have a connection to Jory.

Will Sam stick around this time? Will Jory let him? How do Jory’s brother, business partner, and friend feel about Sam being back in his life? And WHO & WHY are these men being killed????

Mary Calmes hasn’t disappointed me yet. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed either.

Book Blurb for A Matter of Time book 3

Three years have passed since Jory Keyes was kidnapped, shot, and left by his lover, Detective Sam Kage. Jory walked through fire and came out the other side stronger. He changed his name to Harcourt and shut the door forever on a past full of pain. Jory now owns his own business, and has a life he enjoys. What he doesn’t have is love. He’s been unable to make that deep connection with another man, the kind of connection he’s only had with Sam. When a chance encounter brings Sam back into his life, Jory doesn’t know what to do. But for Sam there’s no hesitation. He wants Jory back and this time he wants him for keeps. When Sam is called away to a crime scene in the middle of the night, Jory realizes that his fear has nothing to do with being emotionally vulnerable. Why, he wonders, is he so damned uneasy?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 5.00