A Matter of Time book 2

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A Matter of Time book 2

If you read Mary Calmes A Matter of Time book l you’ll love A Matter of Time book ll . Book two takes begins right where book one ends. Jory Keyes has left Sam Kage, the vice detective who was trying to protect him after Jory witnesses a murder. Jory felt Sam would never be able to come out of the closet without resenting Jory for the upheaval it would cause in Sam’s life. But being polar opposites they are both drawn back together which seem to happen quite a bit with these two. If they could just get past the volatile explosion that first occurs they would see that they each balance each other out. Even after testifying Jorys life is still endanger and Sam is right back on the scene.

The one constant in Jory’s life is his boss, architect Dane Harcourt.  Even though Dane has had a visit with his birth parents Dane does not feel an emotional connection them. He does however have that connection with Jory .He takes legal action in making Jory his brother and deals with Sam when he turns up back in Jorys life.

But as always trouble seems to follow Jory. Will there be a happily ever after or will Sam and/or Dane need to come to his rescue?

Mary Calmes just keeps weaving her magic.

Book Blurb for A Matter of Time book 2

Jory Keyes is doing his best to get over Detective Sam Kage, who broke his heart. Fearful of coming out of the closet, Sam intended to marry and uphold the status quo. After testifying against the man he saw commit cold-blooded murder, Jory is sure he and the detective will never cross paths again. But fate has other plans. Between Sam’s job and Jory being openly gay and on the run from hired killers, the path to true love has never been rockier. When Jory is kidnapped, the culprit is someone no one ever suspected.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.50