Winning the Highlander's Heart

The Highlanders, #1

While fighting off the arduous advances of King Henry 1, Anice makes some bold moves which draws the attention of Highlander Laird Malcolm MacNeill, who is in England to find a bride.

While there is an immediate spark between the two, there is no hope of a romance between them because the situation is already a lost cause. Why? Well it's complicated.

For starters, Henry already has someone in mind for Anice to marry, and Malcolm is attempting to gain more entitlements as well as marry for political reasons.

Anice is attracted to Malcolm but is very offended by his choice of an English lady over a Scottish bride. To complicate matters, Anice discovers the staff at her castle in Scotland has simply disappeared and until she is married, the MacNeill brothers will be taking over those duties, which will include escorting her back to Scotland, which also means their plans of finding an English bride are postponed.

For kicks and giggles throw in the dreams or premonitions of impending doom Anice is experiencing , a shocking and gruesome murder, and you have one big pot of trouble brewing.

As you can imagine the journey back to Scotland proves to be quite interesting. Anice and Malcolm make a wonderful pair despite their headstrong ways. You will love Anice because she doesn't bow to tradition and refuses to change who she is, even for Malcolm. Malcolm is just too charming for his own good and actually seems to get a kick out Anice and her fiery temperament.

This book reminded me of why I love Highlander romances. I enjoyed the romantic build up, the witty banter, the adventure and intrigue, and real a sigh worthy ending.

This is a solid start to this paranormal historical romance and my goal is to read every one of them, hopefully in order. 4 stars

Book Blurb for Winning the Highlander's Heart

Lady Anice vows to flee the amorous advances of King Henry I and return to her home in the Highlands where she hopes to find a laird to wed. She soon discovers her staff has vanished. Premonitions of imminent danger warn her of foul play, and she is certain she is cursed when it comes to marriage.

The king orders the Highlander Laird Malcolm MacNeill, who is seeking an English bride, to provide the lass safe escort and learn what has become of her staff. Escorting her home safely proves a dangerous trial in and of itself and Malcolm has difficulty keeping his heart out of the matter. When the king wishes Lady Anice be wed to one of his loyal barons, the issue is further complicated. Losing his heart to the lass means Malcolm could very well lose his head.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 4.00