Wind Kissed, Fire Bound

The WindKeepers, #1

This compilation contained five novellas in the Windkeeper series. Each story is being reviewed separately and the overall book is getting a star rating.

Before the first book begins there is a short prologue called “Legend of the Windkeepers” that gives the reader the background information required before they begin reading the series.

In order to successfully review the series I felt I should also clue the readers in on the premise.

The vices of greed, lust, anger, and pride were assigned to the cardinal winds for safe keeping. Typhon wanted them free to plague the world so he created the Venti Tempesta- the tempest winds: evil, violent demon winds to infect the world with vices. The Gods assigned four human brothers to the cardinal winds, to give the wind form and to fight the Venit Temesta. But, the Windkeepers are susceptible to the call of the vices. So, the Aurae were created, women who were keepers of the seasonal breezes and were able to calm greed, lust, pride and anger. The winds are trapped in the bodies of horses and all is calm. The Venti Tempesta bode their time and the Aurea died out. But now the winds have escaped and a new battle has begun:

Book 1: Wind Kissed, Fire Bound

This first book gets us off to a great start and sets the stage for the other stories in the series. Rafe starts out like a typical over confident man thinking he will eventually seduce Livia. He is shocked to learn she is a Windkeeper and has been here for centuries guarding the horses that embody the vices of greed, lust, anger, and pride. Along with this shocking revelation Rafe “sees” Livia's past and understands why she chose to be the keeper of the winds.

The heat burning between the couple is palpable. It literally jumps off the page from the first chapter to the last. The conclusion of Rafe and Livia's story had me letting out a sigh of relief for Livia as her self-imposed torture comes to an end. However, the consequences of her freedom could spell trouble for the other Windkeepers. So... stay tuned. This first book in the series is a 4.


All of the stories are very short, under a hundred pages in length, so the character development was rushed. We didn't get a lot of insight into who the brothers were outside their battle with the vice that would make them weak. All the stories are steamy hot but not Erotica (in my opinion). I have said this before, but I believe it could be harder to write short stories than full length novels when it comes to packing so much into such a small space. So, there were a couple of the stories that I just really enjoyed and others that didn't reach as high.

I do recommend you read the stories in order, though not necessary. While a couple of these books were really strong, for the most part the series falls into a mid- range area. I 'm giving it a 3.5 rating as a whole.

Book Blurb for Wind Kissed, Fire Bound

As Keeper of the Winds, Livia Cavalli needed to focus her power on keeping the evil Tempest Winds trapped in their island prison. What she doesn't need is to be distracted by sexy horse trainer Rafe Donovan. Three hundred years ago, Livia became an immortal Keeper to numb her emotions, but Rafe arouses her in a way she hasn't felt for centuries.

For Rafe, Livia is a challenge he longs to solve--and take to bed. Once she's in his arms, their desire is overwhelming. But when his own powers reveal Livia's secret pain, he realizes taking her body isn't enough--he wants to heal her soul, too...

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.00