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A Silver Creek Romance, #3

What a sweet, heart melting friends to lover’s story.

Amber and Cade really, really, really were BFF's. While Amber believed in love due to the influence of her grandparents, she was no sentimental fool. She knew true love was rare and Cade….well, Cade just really didn't buy into it at all.

Although most of the town thought the two of them were lovers, they never crossed that line. Never even crossed their minds…until they found themselves having to pretend to be involved to throw a potential buyer for Amber's family ranch off the trail. It was only going to be for a couple of months and in the meantime Amber had Cade around to help get some work done on the ranch, which was in sore need of some repairs.

But, life has a way catching you off guard and when Amber's grandfather has a health crisis it's Cade who is there and it's Cade who is holding her and then it's she and Cade doing things BFF's don't do if they want to continue being BFF.s

The secondary characters include Nicole, Cade's half-sister. Nicole's character is featured prominently here due to Cade's difficulty in adjusting to the knowledge he even has a half-sister. Nicole has her own family baggage and we will hear some of her story too.

I love this author's voice. Her style gives the characters real humanity. They speak in normal everyday language, they think, feel, and do things like ordinary people making them easy to relate to. For me this book is all about growing up. Not growing up in a physical way because obviously these people are adults, but in a responsibility way and more importantly in an emotional way. Cade's life hasn't turned out like he planned due to debilitating injuries, but he has some ideas about his future. Some members of his family are losing patience with him, though. He still holds a grudge against his brother- in- law even though he knows Quinn wasn't responsible for his injuries, he runs from any kind of emotional confrontation, from his half-sister, to the new development between him and Amber.

Both these characters learn that being afraid is normal and it's OK, but running from your problems never solves anything and you maybe cheating yourself out of love and happiness in the process.

The romance was really hot. Cade and Amber already had a deep love and respect for each other, but they begin to see each other in a new light. This is confusing of course and they have a lot to work on before they get it right, but they are definitely meant to be together and if there ever was a couple that deserved a happy ever after it's Amber and Cade.

This one is 4.5 stars.

Book Blurb for Unbroken

In the latest Silver Creek romance from USA Today bestselling author Maisey Yates, former rodeo star Cade Mitchell may never ride again, but there are still a few things he can do?like care for the woman he loves.

Amber Johnson has always thought of her best friend Cade as an older brother. A really hot older brother. But growing up in foster care, she learned to rely only on herself. As much as she likes stealing glances at Cade’s chiseled jaw and painted-on jeans, she resents the way he swoops in like a superhero to fix things for her.

When former rodeo rival Jim Davis starts harassing Amber to sell her grandfather’s failing ranch, Cade swoops in once again. To send Jim on his way, Cade pretends to be Amber’s boyfriend, moving in to help fix the place up. With her grandfather behind the idea, Amber and Cade have to keep the charade going?whether she likes it or not.

But as their make-believe romance starts to heat up, maybe Cade and Amber will learn to admit that they both could use a little saving

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.50