The Striker

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The Striker

Highland Guard, #10

The Striker is authentic to the core, rich in historical details, and a riveting, heart melting second chance love story. Monica McCarty's Highland guard series is one of my all-time favorites. Sometimes the chapters are more humorous, sometimes filled with adventure and intrigue, and sometimes they take on a more serious tone.

The Striker is a story that has a tense storyline and gives the reader an idea of how it must feel to be caught up in what appears to be a “no win” situation.

Eoin has loyalties to Bruce, is hardwired to fight battles and longs for prestigious assignments. But, when he sets his eyes upon Margaret McDowell his focus is no longer as clear. Margaret's family is on the opposite side of the conflict, which puts the love affair and consequent marriage in crisis right from the start. As passionate as Eoin's loyalty is to Bruce, so is his passion for his wife.

But, his duty will carry him away to war and Margaret will be left behind to suffer the barbs thrown at her, while she fears her husband may never return to her. While this problem, in itself, tested the relationship, it was Eoin's belief that his wife has betrayed him and his anger at his weakness for her that separates them for seven long years.

But, now Eoin sees the chance to kill two birds with one stone by annihilating the remaining resisters and getting revenge upon Margaret at the same time. But, Eoin will find that a lot has happened in their years of separation, and revenge is not as sweet as he thought it would be.

Is there a chance Eoin and Margaret can salvage their marriage after all that has passed between them?

I really wish more historical romance novels or series were written like this one.

This author has proved that a passionate, emotional, and fiery hot romance can be written inside of a rousing historical fiction novel, making it all the more poignant in the process. As I read this story, I felt compassion for both parties, their deeply rooted family loyalties, the awkward and painful situation they found themselves in, and the sad outcome that followed.

But, this is a second chance at love story, so even though many years have passed and there are still many heavy issues lying between Eoin and Margaret, the couple finds the love and passion between them is still very much alive and there are many good reasons why they should try to make peace with the past, in order to have the happy-ever-after they were initially robbed of.

This series is a notch above many historical or Highlander romances, due to the obvious research and commitment to authenticity the author applies to these stories. This story has all the elements a good love story should and transports the reader into another realm, another time and place, where honor and loyalty rules, but love conquers all.

This is an outstanding novel and I highly recommend it to historical romance lovers, especially those who like those delicious, hearty, and fierce Highlanders!

Book Blurb for The Striker

New York Times bestselling author Monica McCarty continues her Highland Guard series in this tenth steamy historical romance set against the sweeping backdrop of the Scottish Highlands.

When Eoin MacLean decides to fight with Robert the Bruce, he knows he will earn the enmity of his new bride’s father, but he doesn’t expect Margaret MacDowell, the spirited girl he’s fallen in love with, to betray him. Blaming her—and himself for trusting her—for the disaster that led to the death of Bruce’s two brothers, Eoin cuts her out of his heart and leaves her behind with no intention of ever coming back. But when Bruce puts him in charge of conquering the troublesome southwest province of Galloway—ruled by his wife’s father—Eoin reconsiders. Especially after he learns that his treacherous wife who thinks him dead plans to remarry. That’s one wedding he has no intention of missing.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 4.50