The Marriage Season

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The Marriage Season

Brides of Bliss County

The Marriage Pact between three close friends comes full circle. Despite watching her two best friends find love, get married, and now prepare for parenthood, Bex, the owner of a chain of fitness centers, feels that maybe marriage isn't going to happen for her. But, the guy she is introduced to at her friend's “honeymoon party”, Tate Calder, the widowed father of two boys, has potential.

When Bex finds herself the unexpected guardian to her nephew, she and Tate bond while planning activities around the boys. But, while Tate seems fully invested in a relationship - love…yes! Cohabitation... absolutely! More children- definitely! Marriage...well, that would be a big fat NO!

Now, we know the motto from The Marriage Pact... “Don't settle for anything less than everything.” But, will Bex be able to live with what Tate is offering or will his aversion to marriage be a deal breaker?

As the trilogy comes to close I was really hoping for a strong finish, but this one stumbled out the gate initially, getting off to a very slow start by seeming to focus on the marital woes of Bex's sister, and on the children, which was all good and fine, but I was hoping for a bit more chemistry between Tate and Bex. I wasn't feeling it.... at first... but, as the book progressed I began to see the way “The Marriage Charm” might be working it's magic. By the midway mark I was completely caught up in the drama, and was absolutely tickled at how Bex managed to handle Tate in the long run. Never fear, Bex gets as good as she gives when Tate comes through with a sigh worthy grand gesture sure to melt your heart.

So, while I did enjoy the first two books in the trilogy very much, this one ended up being my favorite. 4.5 stars

Book Blurb for The Marriage Season

Will the marriage pact be fulfilled? Return to Mustang Creek, Wyoming, with #1 New York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller for more Brides of Bliss County! 

Since Hadleigh, Melody and Bex—the best of best friends—entered into a marriage pact, two of them have found (and married) the men of their hearts. But Bex doesn't think she'll be as fortunate as the others. Her own first love died years ago in a faraway war, and Bex has lost hope for a happy marriage of her own. She concentrates on her business, a successful chain of fitness clubs, instead. 

Then, when single father Tate Calder comes to Mustang Creek with his two sons in tow, who befriend Bex's eight-year-old nephew, she and the handsome, aloof newcomer are constantly thrown together. But is the marriage season over? Or can a man with doubts about love be the right husband for a woman who wants it all?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 4.50