The Guests on South Battery

Tradd Series, #5

I fell in love with this series at first sight and I’ve never looked back.

This fifth installment in the Tradd Street series opens with Melanie returning to work after giving birth to twins, adjusting to motherhood and marriage, and coping with weight issues for the first time in her life.

If that weren’t enough to keep her busy, for the first time in nearly a year, she gets one of those ominous phone calls which always precedes a paranormal event.

Sure enough, she is approached by a young woman named Jayne about selling an old house she inherited from someone she never met. Sound familiar?

As Melanie gathers information about the house on South Battery, she reluctantly gives Jayne a job as her nanny.

It soon becomes apparent that the house Jayne inherited is haunted, but could also contain answers to the questions Jayne has about her past. It also gives Jack the perfect subject for a new book.

While motherhood did soften Melanie in some ways, it has deepened her insecurities too, especially when it comes to Jack. She still makes lists, is still OCD, and still hums ABBA tunes. But is working really hard on facing life’s problems head on instead of running from them.

The paranormal happenings are personal this time around and will reveal some startling secrets while uncovering the truth about a puzzling death that happened in the house on South Battery Street. This area of the story is very absorbing and suspenseful, but as is usually the case, a little poignant too.

The dynamic between Melanie and Jack is slightly altered, but Jack has a lot going on and is not quite his self. The banter I love between this couple is still fresh and it’s only natural that the characters mature and blossom as their lives do.

But, If you follow this series, you know to expect some drama from Melanie, who can’t seem to stop herself from creating some angst and discord that must be dealt with.

All our familiar friends, family, and frenemies are gathered together once again. We also make a few new friends along the way too.

This series has been a delight from the very beginning and is one my very favorites.

I do recommend reading the previous installments to understand the dynamic between Melanie and Jack, as well as the supporting cast. For those who are following along, this is a solid addition to the series and I think you are going to enjoy it immensely.

Book Blurb for The Guests on South Battery

New York Times bestselling author Karen White invites you to explore the brick-walked streets of Charleston, where historic mansions house the memories of years gone by, and restless spirits refuse to fade away... 

With her extended maternity leave at its end, Melanie Trenholm is less than thrilled to leave her new husband and beautiful twins to return to work, especially when she’s awoken by a phone call with no voice on the other end—and the uneasy feeling that the ghostly apparitions that have stayed silent for more than a year are about to invade her life once more.

But her return to the realty office goes better than she could have hoped, with a new client eager to sell the home she recently inherited on South Battery. Most would treasure living in one of the grandest old homes in the famous historic district of Charleston, but Jayne Smith would rather sell hers as soon as possible, guaranteeing Melanie a quick commission.

Despite her stroke of luck, Melanie can’t deny that spirits—both malevolent and benign—have started to show themselves to her again. One is shrouded from sight, but appears whenever Jayne is near. Another arrives when an old cistern is discovered in Melanie’s backyard on Tradd Street.

Melanie knows nothing good can come from unearthing the past. But some secrets refuse to stay buried....

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2016 4.00