The Ghost and Mrs. Fletcher

Murder, She Wrote, #44

Is Mrs. Fletcher ghost hunting?

When Cliff Cooper dies unexpectedly his home the ‘Spenser- Percy’ house goes on the market. Jessica agrees to help her friend Eve, the realtor, clean up the spooky old house. The house is packed with old books and is rumored to be haunted, which will make the house a hard sell. Eve even hires a medium to rid the house of any unwanted entities.

But, when Cliff’s death becomes suspicious, Jessica, Mort, and Seth must work together to solve the murder.

This story will be a perfect addition for your Halloween reading pleasure. I really enjoyed reading about all those old books Cliff collected and how Jessica helped them find new homes. And of course a good ghost story is always fun, too.

I love the stories set in Cabot Cove the best because I enjoy touching base with all my favorite recurring characters. But I also enjoy them because the seaside community. Also it has its fair share of rather colorful characters, as this novel demonstrates.

The pace is swift, the dialogue is sharp, and the mystery is solid. Readers also get several truly surprising twists that I never saw coming. As always, this series is very entertaining, but this one is especially well done.

I recommend this book to cozy mystery lovers and fans of TV tie-in’s. It’s also good for anyone who just wants to read a good whodunit with a slightly paranormal slant.

Book Blurb for The Ghost and Mrs. Fletcher

Now in paperback in the USA Today bestselling series—Jessica Fletcher cleans house to catch a killer who hasn’t got a ghost of a chance.


Jessica’s friend, Eve Simpson, has recently taken on the task of selling one of Cabot Cove’s oldest properties—the Spencer Percy House. Its current occupant, Cliff Cooper, is convinced he’s about to die and wants the house sold so he can give the proceeds to his grandson.

But Eve’s got quite a challenge on her hands. Not only is the building in deplorable physical condition, it is also rumored to be haunted.

When Cliff’s deadly premonition becomes a reality, some people aren’t sure he died of natural causes. Now, as Jessica tries to get to the bottom of Cliff Cooper’s death, a medium hired by Eve attempts to rid the house of the alleged apparition. But if Jessica isn’t careful, she may be the one who joins the ranks of the dearly departed.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2016 4.50