The Family Plot

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The Family Plot

Chilling, spooky, and spine tingling!

At one point in my life, horror and Gothic novels made up nearly half of my reading material. As horror novels began to rely more on blood, gore, and violence and put less emphasis on creating an ominous atmosphere, or palpable tension, or building suspense, the less impressed I was. Eventually, I left the genre behind.

This book snagged my attention because it was suggested the story contained Gothic elements.

While technically, there are some Gothic tones in this story, for the most part this is a good old fashioned haunted house/ghost story harking back to the days when a horror novel caused your heart to pound, your pulse to race, and had you sitting on the edge of your seat!

When Chuck Dutton is presented with the chance to strip and salvage an old historic home, he takes a huge risk. He decides it’ worth it. He wastes no time assigning the task to his daughter, Dahlia, and her ne’er to well cousin, her nephew, and a small crew.

But, right away, they all begin catching glimpses of a ghosts. When a burial plot is discovered, Dahlia is informed by the owner of the house, that it’s not a real cemetery, but a Halloween prank that was never removed. But, when human remains are found, the spirits make their displeasure known, leaving Dahlia and her crew in grave danger.

The characters are unusual, especially the family dynamic between Dahlia and Bobby, which I never quite understood, and while it's most likely authentic, the vernacular is hard to take at times.

The family secrets the house held are very compelling and disturbing. I might even understand the reason the house and the spirits were so unsettled.

This story is written just the way a good horror novel should be, with an ending that gave me the shivers!!!

Haunted houses and ghost stories are my favorite horror novel tropes, but I seldom find a contemporary tale that satisfies me. So, I am happy I discovered this little gem!

Anyone who enjoys ghosts, the paranormal, or horror novels will want to give this book a try.

Book Blurb for The Family Plot

Priest continues to cement her reputation as a master of modern gothic with a haunted house tale that’s a slow burn with an utterly addictive finale. Though it feels like more could be done with the ghosts of the Withrow house, the living characters do more than their fair share of lifting with interactions that are charming and funny. That said, fans and new readers should walk away satisfied and just a little bit worried when in the house alone.

In The Family Plot, Dahlia Dutton and her salvage crew are given a last ditch job to wreck and salvage an especially tantalizing property. Ignorant of the house and Withrow family’s history, the crew soon find themselves haunted by a multitude of spirits. At first, the spirits are content to scare and pester, but as Dahlia uncovers more of the secrets the house has held for nearly a century, something dark and violent emerges ? something that has squared all its rage on Dahlia Dutton alone.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2016 4.00