Snowflakes on the Sea

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Snowflakes on the Sea

This story is ageless and timeless and still packs one heck of an emotional punch. Originally published in 1984 this classic holiday romance has been updated and reissued just in time for the Christmas season.

It's Christmas, and Nathan and Mallory are awaiting the arrival of their children, their spouses and grandchildren. This holiday has the couple in a nostalgic mood, but suddenly Mallory gets a “waiting for the other shoe to drop” feeling as she counts her many blessings in life. Have they been too lucky? This feeling prompts the couple to think back on a time when their marriage went through a very rough patch.

It's 1984 and Nathan is riding high on his music career. He is away from home more often than not and so Mallory has taken a role on a wildly popular daytime soap opera. She is still miserable because all she really wants is for life to slow down so she and Nathan can start a family. When she collapses on the set, Nathan comes home only to find his marriage is in deep trouble.

Linda Lael Miller really knows how to suck you into a story and keep you there. I had never read this book in its previous editions and I had no idea the book wasn't brand new at first.

What I loved about this story was that we were given the chance to see how love can surpass all the ups and downs in a marriage, but at the same time compromise and trust is key. This couple of course dealt with issues that most of us will never face and they had people behind the scenes trying to undo all the hard work they had put into their relationship all because of money, fame, or other ulterior motives. However, all marriages go through rough patches which is why, I think, the story is so powerful. I felt bad for both Nathan and Mallory, and I got frustrated with both of them too. As humans we all think of ourselves, our hopes and dreams, our career, and how everything impacts us. But, in a marriage, we have to think of how all this will affect someone else. In the end, when push came to shove, each person had to swallow a little pride and do what they had to do in order to keep their love alive and save the marriage. We seldom see romance novels delve into a relationship at the stage. Most of the time the focus is on all the excitement and angst of falling love. So, I found this story refreshing from that standpoint. Once I started reading this book, I simply could not put it down. I laughed, got angry, and cried, but after going through this gamut of emotions, I ended up feeling pride in this couple and my heart was full of happiness that they made it work and now have all they ever dreamed of and more. This one is 5 stars!

Book Blurb for Snowflakes on the Sea

Christmas 2014: 

Nathan and Mallory McKendrick remember the troubles and triumphs they faced in the early days of their marriage. But their love story is far from over! It's a story they tell each other often…especially at Christmas. 

Winter 1984: 

International singing sensation Nathan McKendrick had it all—the looks, the talent, the charisma. It's not surprising that half the world was infatuated with him! No one more so than his wife, Mallory. The success of their marriage had always defied the odds—and the rumors. Then, suddenly, the bond between them was damaged, and Nathan and Mallory had to choose—fight for the love they still shared or let circumstances destroy it. 

In the end, there was only one choice. They had to save their marriage. 

And now, every year that goes by, every Christmas they spend together, reminds them that their love is everlasting….

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2014 5.00