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Snow Angel Cove

Haven Point, #1

I always enjoy RaeAnne Thayne's Christmas novels. This one links two series together- The Hope Crossing and Haven Point series.

Christmas is the best setting in the world for small town romances. This one features a widow and single mom, Eliza and her daughter, Maddie. Eliza arrives in Idaho to start her new job and new life, only to see the hotel she was supposed to work for has been ravaged by fire. To put the cherry on the cake, her daughter is nearly hit by a car. Eliza manages to push Maddie to safety just in time... to get hit by the car herself.

Aidan Caine is good looking, rich, successful. But, he isn't immune to life's hard facts. He is coming back from what could have been a life threatening health issue, one that still has him using extreme caution. The situation has Aidan thinking about priorities and one thing he is looking forward to is hosting the biggest Caine family holiday gathering in recent times. But, when he loses control of his car on a patch of black ice and hits a pedestrian, he is beyond worried.

Aidan is so concerned about Eliza and when he learns of all the bad luck she has had, he steps up and gives her some help. But, for Eliza it's bitter and sweet. Unbeknownst to Aidan, his company denied Eliza's husband an opportunity which may have contributed to his alcohol fueled car accident.

This story got off to a slow start for me. I kept waiting for the ball to start rolling for Aidan and Eliza and I began to think it was never going to get there. The arrangement was certainly unique and Maddie was just a big ball of life who really stole the show and in my opinion, kept the book afloat until the second half of the book when Aidan and Eliza begin to smooth out the rough patches between them and start falling in love.

Eliza's character was sort of a downer sometimes, but with Aidan and Maddie all those extended family members it hard for Eliza to maintain her stoic and over cautious traits for too long. Aidan is a typical male when it comes to his health. Tell someone you have serious health crisis? No. Tell them you have just had a health scare? No. (Shakes head) I did want to see this couple work through their issues and life's lemons to find true love and a happy family life.

There is nothing more fun than watching a child on Christmas morning, so full of excitement and joy and it was fun to see Maddie so very happy. But, on Christmas morning in Haven Point, the adults will steal the show this time around when Aidan does something so incredible it will left me breathless. No matter how cold and nasty the weather is, this one will have your heart melting, leaving you feeling nice and warm on the inside. 4 stars.

Book Blurb for Snow Angel Cove

New York Times bestselling author RaeAnne Thayne welcomes you to Haven Point, a small town full of big surprises that are both merry and bright

Nothing short of a miracle can restore Eliza Hayward's Christmas cheer. The job she pinned her dreams on has gone up in smoke—literally—and now she's stuck in an unfamiliar, if breathtaking, small town. Precariously close to being destitute, Eliza needs a hero, but she's not expecting one who almost runs her down with his car!

Rescuing Eliza is pure instinct for tech genius Aidan Caine. At first, putting the renovation of his lakeside guest lodge in Eliza's hands assuages his guilt—until he sees how quickly he could fall for her. Having focused solely on his business for years, he never knew what his life was missing before Eliza, but now he's willing to risk his heart on a yuletide romance that could lead to forever.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2014 4.00