Preying Game

Decorah Security Series, Book #15

Preying Game by Rebecca York includes telepathic abilities, a search and rescue, and a tense race against the clock.

This fifteenth installment in the Decorah Security paranormal / romantic suspense series was a very fast paced thriller, with several paranormal elements working together to make it a unique and absorbing story.

While working on a 1955 Chevy, Jonah hears the voice of a woman coming through on the car radio. His mind telepathically connects with her’s and he knows right away that Alice is in serious danger and he must find a way to rescue her.

While Alice is held captive, her captor is prepping her for the day he will hunt her down, ala, ‘The Most Dangerous Game’.

Time is running out, but the more Alice and Jonah’s minds connect, the stronger his abilities become to penetrate the compound and pinpoint her location.

He also discovers he is able to touch, kiss, and hold the woman he is falling in love with.

There is a lot going on in this story, and I loved the revelations that put a new spin, and added unique complications to on an already suspenseful situation.

The only downside was that with so many developments the characters didn’t get much depth, background, or growth.

Other than that, the story has everything else you would want from a paranormal romance, and I loved the sweet and poignant conclusion.

Overall, this is an enjoyable read and will appeal to paranormal romance readers and fans of romantic suspense.

Book Blurb for Preying Game

From New York Times and USA Today Best-Selling Author, Rebecca York

A woman's voice on the broken radio of an antique car sends Decorah agent Jonah Ranger on a dangerous mission to save her life. She's Alice Davenport, a man is holding her captive, and she's sending out a desperate telepathic plea for help.

Using his extrasensory abilities, he contacts her mind to mind. Jolting his talent to the maximum, he's able to project himself to her prison. But since neither of them knows where she's being held, rescue seems impossible. Still, in the darkness of her cell, he offers what comfort he can.

Jonah figures out how to send his consciousness to Alice's cell, where he looks like a ghost at first.



Alice pushed off the bed, steadying herself before she took a step toward him. Then, before she could tell herself it was a bad idea, she reached around his body and clasped him in her arms. She hadn't even known if it was possible to hold onto him, but she felt his substance. When she closed her eyes to shut out his ghostly image, he felt even more solid and real. From his appearance, she had expected him to be cold--like a ghost. But he seemed to be the same temperature as the room.

She heard him make a small sound as she felt him circle her shoulders. His arms came up slowly, as though he had wondered the same thing as she about touching.

I can feel you, they both said at the same time.


Being clasped in his strong embrace was magic. And if she kept her eyes closed, she could pretend he was well and truly here.

As she laid her head against his shoulder, he whispered in her mind, I'm going to get you out of here.

I know, she answered. And at that moment, against all odds, she believed him.

First, we have to figure out where you are.

Yes. She clung to him, swaying in his arms, marveling at how wonderful something so simple could be. She had had no normal human contact since Hayward had abducted her. This wasn't exactly normal, but it was a lot better than anything she had experienced with the monster who had brought her to this place. The sensation of Jonah's strong arms encircling her was intoxicating, but she needed more.

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