Murder in Murray Hill

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Murder in Murray Hill

Gaslight Mystery, #16

The sixteenth installment in the Gaslight Series featuring Sarah Brandt and Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy opens with a very disturbing situation where Grace Livingston went out dressed quite nicely, as though going to church, but never returned home. Her distraught father sends for the police and an even more disturbing development comes to light as it appears Grace went to meet a man advertising for a wife...

I love historical mysteries and the Gaslight Series is one of the best ones out there. The set up for this one is indeed sinister, and as the author herself noted, evil resides in all places and all time periods. In this case, the use of newspaper personal ads lures young women desperately longing to marry into a deadly trap. While we currently lament the use of online dating services and apps, this situation was maybe even more dangerous. Today there are background checks, and Skype and a plethora of other ways to check someone out before meeting them face to face, and of course women are no longer sheltered or as gullible perhaps as Grace was. But, it's still a HUGE risk, as Grace Livingston learned the hard way.

So, while this story is set in a historical time period, the story is just as prevalent today, and is very much a cautionary tale.

As the story progressed however, it did become rather transparent, at least to me, who the killer was. Now, that was not necessarily a buzz kill in this case, per se, because there were still a few loose ends to be tied, but I wasn't all together satisfied with how the case concluded. It just seemed a tiny bit farfetched.

However, I did enjoy hearing the wonderful news for Sarah and Frank with their impending nuptials and they will have a wonderful blended family. There are some obstacles the couple will still have to face, such as Frank's superiors learning of his sudden financial windfall, and the impact that could have on his career. It did feel as though Sarah and Frank are finally going to have their long overdue wedding, and their lives are going to be headed in a new direction it seems. I am eager to see what the future might hold for them.

Although I felt the mystery was just a little subpar in this installment, I still enjoyed catching up with these characters who are always a pleasure to touch base with.

Book Blurb for Murder in Murray Hill

In national bestselling author Victoria Thompson’s Gaslight mysteries, the residents of nineteenth-century New York City turn to midwife Sarah Brandt and Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy to protect them from the worst crimes. Now, the two must track down a criminal preying on innocent women…

Frank Malloy has never known any life other than that of a cop, but his newfound inheritance threatens his position on the force. While trying to keep both his relationship with Sarah and his fortune under wraps, he’s assigned to a new case—finding a missing young woman who had been responding to “lonely hearts” ads in the paper before she disappeared. Malloy fears the worst, knowing that the grifters who place such ads often do much more than simply abscond with their victims.

But as Sarah and Malloy delve deeper into a twisted plot targeting the city’s single women, it’s their partnership—both professional and private—that winds up in the greatest peril…

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 3.50