Killer in Control

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Killer in Control

A Key West Mystery

This is a quick, light, cozy mystery with a host of quirky characters centered on a B&B in Key West.

Kitt is on leave from her job as a police officer due to her shooting a suspect who was apparently unarmed. While her job hangs in limbo, Kitt decides to visit her sister, Janell and her husband, Rex. Before Kitt can even unpack, the couple explain they need her help. It would seem one of their guest has been murdered and Jonell and Rex, as well as several permanent residents at the B&B, are persons of interest until the killer is caught. So, trying not to dwell on her serious situation back home and quick cool down with her boyfriend after the shooting, the case keeps Kitt busy.

Still maintaining the elements of a cozy mystery this author managed to provide some really tense moments. A certain car trip Kitt took with a potential suspect had me glued to the pages. I thought the author’s choice of keeping the suspects and secondary characters to a minimum was refreshing. Recently I have seen a trend where even in a short book there are entirely too many characters and too many threads to follow. This mystery kept things under control and was so much more effective when written this way. The category this book is placed in gives no indication it would fall into the Christian Fiction genre, but there were times when the story seemed a little on the preachy side. Then again, one of the characters was a self-proclaimed psychic. So, that was a little odd. The other sort of quirky thing was Kitt's car- a Prius, which was mentioned enough I would say the car earned a spot as a secondary character.

Like Kitt, I suspected everyone in the book except Janell at one point or another. So, even though I had my suspicions of who the killer was, it was never proof positive. It was a great guessing game and I am was pleased with the way Kitt stepped up and came to a decision about which way she wanted her life to go. I think she made the right choice and I thought the book had a strong conclusion. It goes without saying there was no sexual content or even innuendo, no graphic violence, and no bad language.

Book Blurb for Killer in Control

Kitt Morgan’s hope of a singing career dies after a botched surgery. Moving forward‚ she earns a job on her Iowa town’s police force‚ trying for a law enforcement career like her father’s.

While on suspension for shooting an unarmed criminal‚ Kitt visits her sister at her Key West B&B. Here‚ she becomes embroiled in the murder investigation of Abra Barrie‚ a former B&B guest. While Kitt tries to find the murderer‚ the Iowa grand jury declares her shooting of the criminal an act of self-defense. She’s free to return to her police job. But does she want to? Big questions remain in Key West. Who is the killer? Is Kitt next on his list?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 4.00