Hook, Line, and Murder

Murder, She Wrote, #46

This is another outstanding installment in the Murder, She Wrote series!!!

Jessica has entered the annual fly fishing competition, but finds Mort’s wife, Maureen tagging along with her.

However, once on the second day of their stay, Maureen mysteriously disappears, which sets off alarm bells because a prison escapee with ties to Cabot Cove could be responsible.

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy this series? Probably, but it bears repeating. This installment, set in Cabot Cove, is an exceptional addition.

An old crime in which a grocery store clerk was killed sent two men to prison, one of which is the escapee, Daryll Jepson and the other was Brian Kinney, a man wrongfully convicted, but who is now trying to put his life back together. However, there were other participants in the robbery who may have gotten away with murder. As Jessica and Mort search for Maureen, startling revelations come to light concerning the robbery, which could close the case once and for all.

A race against time setup, an emotional story of redemption and long overdue justice makes this a very compelling story. But, of course the tone, as always, stays on the lighter side, and I had to snicker at Jessica a few times when Maureen insisted on butting in.

This story has a strong cast, smart dialogue, and moves at a pretty good clip, which made it hard to put down.

Naturally, fans of the ‘cozy’ genre, and longtime fans of the series will want to grab this one, but I think any mystery lover will find this one to their liking.

4.5 stars

Book Blurb for Hook, Line, and Murder

The USA Today bestselling Murder, She Wrote mystery series continues as Jessica Fletcher takes a relaxing getaway that turns into a reel deadly situation...

Jessica enters a fly-fishing competition at a nearby lake. Joining her is the sheriff’s wife, Maureen Metzger, who surprises Jess with her enthusiasm for the sport. Their guide, however, is a surprise to both...

Brian Kinney is an ex-con. Jailed as an accomplice to Darryl Jepson, a convicted killer, Brian was later exonerated, but not before spending seven years behind bars. He seems like a decent enough fellow. Just a man trying to rebuild his life as a family man and fishing guide.

Yet when Jepson breaks out of prison vowing revenge, and the lawyer for both men is found murdered, Cabot Cove becomes the focus of the nation as local, state, and federal authorities descend on Jessica’s hometown. And to add to the tension, Maureen has gone missing. Is she lost or is she a hostage? Jess soon finds herself caught in a netful of lies, deceit and ulterior motives. In order to save her friend, she’ll need to find some answers by hook or by crook...

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2016 4.50