Ever Crave the Rose

The Elizabethan Time Travel Series Book 2

“Ever Crave the Rose” by Morgan O’Neill is splendidly crafted, imaginative, and pure historical time travel story!

Anne Howard and Dr. Jonathan Brandon found each other via Anne’s grandmother, Catherine. They are both from different time periods, but met in the Elizabethan time period, and fell in love. They are now married with a child, but in present day, Catherine discovers her granddaughter has been murdered in the year 1562.

Desperate to save Anne, Catherine sets a plan in motion along with Father Daniel, a fellow time traveler, to ‘undo’ Anne’s horrible fate.

Time travel themed novels are hit or miss with me. Usually, I find the premise to be insulting to my intelligence, asking me swallow too many improbabilities, but sometimes, a time travel story comes along that takes the phenomenon seriously. This is one of those novels.

To begin with, you really must read the first book in the series, and it’s probably a good idea to pick up the companion novella as well, otherwise you will not understand the nuances that make this such an outstanding addition to the series.

The age- old conundrum about time travel affecting the future, or that it is impossible to change, is explored in this adventurous, suspenseful, and very smart story.

Anne and Jonathan’s unusual presence and unique knowledge have raised suspicions, and the evil Duke Norfolk has made it his goal to have Anne and her knowledge of the future, which is why and how their blissful lives are suddenly filled with fear and tragedy.

I loved how much thought went into this novel. The attention to details are astonishing, the historical intrigue is spellbinding, and the various time loops between past and present were superb.

But, never fear, if this all sounds too scientific, the story is filled with deep emotional connections, from loyal friendships, to familial and romantic love, as well as a spiritual element, when even the Vatican becomes involved.

The characters are strong, well-drawn, and developed and the dialogue is crisp, and true to the era. The book is well- researched, with a real authenticity to it, as it features real life characters, from the Elizabethan age. I was riveted, and completely absorbed in the story from start to finish and I loved the way the story all came together in the end, although there are a few moments of sadness, along the way. There is a bit of twist in there too, which gives me hope that there will be more adventures upcoming in this amazing series!!

Fans of this series, lovers of historical fiction, time travel, and romance will not want to miss this one!

Book Blurb for Ever Crave the Rose

London 2014?Catherine Howard stumbles upon the tomb of her granddaughter, Anne Howard Brandon, who'd been swept back through time. Horrorstruck, she discovers Anne was murdered in the year 1562. Elizabethan England 1562?Dr. Jonathan Brandon, Anne's husband, pens a desperate message to Catherine, which gives the details of his wife's kidnapping and murder, and the plea to "find a way to undo this!"

Upon discovering the ancient letter, Catherine calls on a time-traveling priest, Father Daniel, to rescue her precious granddaughter. But journeying back to the sixteenth century is a dangerous undertaking, the life and death risks sobering and real. Will Daniel survive? Can anyone thwart the evil that threatens Anne, or is the timeline immutable, her fate sealed? Daniel calls upon the forces of heaven and earth?including a secret Vatican society of time travelers?to aid in this quest. Will they be able to help? Can they change the course of history? Will time rewind?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2017 4.50