Claiming the East Wind

The WindKeepers, #5

This compilation contained five novellas in the Windkeeper series. Each story is being reviewed separately and the overall book is getting a star rating.

Before the first book begins there is a short prologue called “Legend of the Windkeepers” that gives the reader the background information required before they begin reading the series.

In order to successfully review the series I felt I should also clue the readers in on the premise.

The vices of greed, lust, anger, and pride were assigned to the cardinal winds for safe keeping. Typhon wanted them free to plague the world so he created the Venti Tempesta- the tempest winds: evil, violent demon winds to infect the world with vices. The Gods assigned four human brothers to the cardinal winds, to give the wind form and to fight the Venit Temesta. But, the Windkeepers are susceptible to the call of the vices. So, the Aurae were created, women who were keepers of the seasonal breezes and were able to calm greed, lust, pride and anger. The winds are trapped in the bodies of horses and all is calm. The Venti Tempesta bode their time and the Aurea died out. But now the winds have escaped and a new battle has begun:

BOOK 5: Claiming the East Wind

Finally we come to book five:

In this chapter in the Windkeepers series we meet Rayne's sister, Skye. When it comes to practicing what she preaches, Rayne still has a little work to do. She will have to let Skye stand on her own two feet.

Soren is in deep with the vice of greed. It has all but taken over his soul. Because Skye is an Aurea, she must entice Soren and she has little or no experience with men. So in the end Soren winds up being the seducer, which was kind of funny. Soren has been so entrenched in his greed he has completely lost his memory, however, Skye makes him want to remember the man he was. But, Skye isn't there just for Soren. She has something to prove to herself. Still she is plagued by doubts until the ultimate showdown between Soren and Apeliotus. Something buried deep inside Skye rises to the surface and she discovers she is much stronger than she ever realized.

This last book brings the brothers together to close out the series. It was sort of fitting that the last vice was greed since like the story suggested it is the hardest of all the vices to free yourself from. Once instilled in your heart is hard to break the habit. I loved the strength Skye possessed within her and the way Soren showed her that she doesn't have to be a silent victim.

This one gets a 3.5


All of the stories are very short, under a hundred pages in length, so the character development was rushed. We didn't get a lot of insight into who the brothers were outside their battle with the vice that would make them weak. All the stories are steamy hot but not Erotica (in my opinion). I have said this before, but I believe it could be harder to write short stories than full length novels when it comes to packing so much into such a small space. So, there were a couple of the stories that I just really enjoyed and others that didn't reach as high.

I do recommend you read the stories in order, though not necessary. While a couple of these books were really strong, for the most part the series falls into a mid- range area. I 'm giving it a 3.5 rating as a whole.

Book Blurb for Claiming the East Wind

The deadly Tempest Winds have escaped…

Now, four brothers gifted with the power of the winds must recapture the Venti Tempesta before they can unleash their evil on the world...

Skye Santini has lived her life in the shadows, hiding from the horrors of her past. Tired of always being afraid, she vows that now is her chance to make a difference. She will be the virgin sacrifice to appease Soren Venti, the Keeper of the East Wind, who has succumbed to his vice of greed.

Locked away in his villa on Lake Como, Soren has no memory of his identity. He is driven only by the whispers of greed to take, own and possess, but then one fragile woman enters his domain. Soren wants Skye above all else…but he wants her willing, not as a duty-bound lover. As they are drawn together, their dangerous enemy, the Southeast Wind bears down on them. He wants Soren to join him and rule the world…and he knows that Skye is the only thing stopping him.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 3.50