Boxed In

Decorah Security Series, Book #16

In "Boxed in" (Decorah Security #16) by Rebecca York Olivia receives a shipment of antiques that she believes could be stolen goods. Before she can catalog the pieces her computer locks up! YIKES. To fix things requires a phone call to computer expert extraordinaire, Luke Garner.

Little does Olivia know that handsome Luke really works for Decorah Security or that his main goal is to acquire an antique box. He is positive that the box just arrived with the other stolen antiques.

However, when Luke decides to open the box, he gets a lot more than he bargained for when ancient warrior, Zabastian, inhabits his body.

Now, the chase is on to return the box to its original owners while being chased by thieves who want the priceless artifact for themselves.

This series, usually combines romantic suspense with paranormal elements, and has always been pretty unique.

Some installments are mainly romantic suspense, while others featured shapeshifters, and still others seem to defy a specific category, as is the case with this story.

This installment, however, is especially imaginative, with otherworldly characters, humor, fast paced action, and steamy romance, while adding a kind of offbeat or quirky atmosphere into the mix. What a combination, right?

Olivia really has her hands full with Luke and the warrior, Zabastian, vying for her affections. Things really get complicated when she finds herself responding to those affections without being entirely sure which one of them she’s dealing with, making the situation a little alarming, and somewhat… unusual.

This story definitely has an incredible plot, which required me to ‘think outside the box’, every now and then.

While I would prefer to have a more traditional romantic suspense element, I do still like to escape into an alternate world and enjoy a fantastic, sensual story, that takes me away from reality for a while. This book did satisfy that craving, and challenged my imagination, as well.

I recommend this one to fans of paranormal romance first and foremost, but romantic suspense readers can enjoy this one as well.

Book Blurb for Boxed In

Olivia Weston is sure her boss has imported a shipment of stolen antiques. And when Decorah agent Luke Garner handles one of the items, an ornate puzzle box, the spirit of a warrior, locked away for centuries, takes possession of his body. Zabastian, the guardian of the box, forces Luke to help him return the object of power to its rightful owners. As Olivia sees Luke change before her eyes, his transformation both frightens and arouses her. And both men who inhabit Luke’s body want her. But they must also learn to work together to protect the mysterious artifact from a trio of murderous thieves who will risk anything to steal the prize. And in the end, will the warrior allow Luke and Olivia their happily ever after?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 3.50