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Any Other Name

Walt Longmire Mysteries

Any Other Name by Craig Johnson is the eleventh Walt Longmire mystery. I hang my head in shame and confess that this is my first Longmire novel. I of course plan to go back and catch up on the back list at some point. I heard a little buzz over the television show being aired on A & E, but I'm not big on television these days. However, my husband is always glued to the tube and he swore on a stack of Bibles I would like this show. So, I gave it a whirl and sure enough, it's the only drama on TV I'll watch.

Since this is the first book I have read in the series, I have nothing to compare it to, so I can't say how it stacks up against previous installments, but for me I enjoyed the read very much. I pretty much read this in one sitting. So, five stars on this one!

Naturally, when I discovered the show was based on a series of books I made a note to look into it. So, even though the first book I read was the 11th installment, I am glad I jumped on board. Books are just so much more in depth and the pleasure is just supreme as opposed to TV.

In the first part of the book, Victoria is notably absent and Walt's life is much quieter... not better, just more subdued. When his old boss asked him to look into a fellow lawman's alleged suicide, Walt promises to see if he can uncover the motive for the suicide or determine if it was a suicide at all. The man's wife is insistent her husband would never kill himself. The first thing Walt does is look at the man's case load at the time of his death. It would seem there have been a cluster of women who have disappeared recently and the cases could be connected. Before he knows it Walt is up to his eyeballs in the missing person’s case. The really big trouble with that is his daughter is in Philadelphia and is very, very pregnant. She has insisted Walt be present for the birth of her child, which gives him a very limited window of opportunity to close the case.

Wyoming is certainly an interesting place despite its sparse population and wilderness. Three women disappearing is pretty unusual. Despite the hot humid weather here in Texas, the cold and snow of Wyoming seeped into my bones giving me the chills. Folklore, history, and odd duck characters, not to mention a few western style shootouts, and the return of Victoria has Walt walking a tight rope. He gets pretty beat up by the time all is said and done. This was an adventure, a mystery, a really sad story on many fronts, but the most crucial question is: Did Walt make it in time to see his grandchild's birth?

I always advice people to avoid preconception if they have watched a movie or seen a television show based on a book series before they read the book. So, going in I was careful to avoid comparisons. I'm glad I did because I have to say Walt is really a great character on TV, but he is super wonderful in the books. The mystery was compelling and took Walt into some really dangerous backwoods territory, only to discover that crime is universal and the case will draw attention to a cause I think is very important. I'm glad the author used this storyline because it doesn't matter if you live in Manhattan or if you live in some small Podunk town, this is a crime that we should all keep our eyes and ears open for.

Victoria is spectacular despite the hard time she is recovering from. Her mouth is just terrible! She has the best lines of course. Ladies, if you like a low key rugged cowboy type you won't be able to avoid the book boyfriend crush you will get on Walt. No, this isn't anywhere near being a romance, but still I think Walt is pretty sexy.

Book Blurb for Any Other Name

A sheriff’s mysterious death spurs the new novel in the New York Times bestselling Longmire Mystery Series

Sheriff Walt Longmire had already rounded up a sizable posse of devoted readers when the A&E television series Longmire sent the Wyoming lawman’s popularity skyrocketing. Now, with three consecutive New York Times bestsellers to his name and the second season of Longmire reaching an average of 5.4 million viewers per episode, Craig Johnson is reaching a fan base that is both fiercely loyal and ever growing.

In Any Other Name, Walt is sinking into high-plains winter discontent when his former boss, Lucian Conally, asks him to take on a mercy case in an adjacent county. Detective Gerald Holman is dead and Lucian wants to know what drove his old friend to take his own life. With the clock ticking on the birth of his first grandchild, Walt learns that the by-the-book detective might have suppressed evidence concerning three missing women. Digging deeper, Walt uncovers an incriminating secret so dark that it threatens to claim other lives even before the sheriff can serve justice?Wyoming style.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 5.00