Always a Cowboy

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Always a Cowboy

The Carsons of Mustang Creek, #2

I knew I would love this series after reading “Once a Rancher’, the first book in the Carsons of Mustang Creek series.

This second book continues the ongoing family saga with the focus on Drake, the quiet cowboy devoted to running the family ranch.

This installment gets off to a delightful start when Drake encounters Luce Hale, a pretty young lady from California who is working on her dissertation, which is about how wild horses react to ranch animals, and to the people working the ranch, which means she is observing Drake.

Naturally, Drake, who is a little introverted, doesn’t care for this development, but since his mother already agreed to have Luce stay at the ranch, he doesn’t have much choice.

But, the real reason he is resisting her presence is because of the way she makes him feel.

Luce understands Drake does not want her tagging along with him, getting in the way of his work, or being observed, but she is determined to accomplish her goal whether he likes it or not.

So, a battle of will ensues with Luce getting in a few good proverbial punches, leaving Drake feeling out of sorts, and occasionally jealous. But, at the thought Luce could be in danger, especially with a mountain lion on the loose, Drake has to own up to his feelings, and Luce will find out just how awesome cowboys really are!

Let me count the ways I loved this story!

You know what they say about how still waters run deep. That is Drake Carson in a nutshell, so don’t let his quiet nature fool you. He is very passionate, sweet, funny, and brave, with a high moral code, and Luce is one lucky gal. I liked Luce too, and I think this couple will make a great team.

Adding to the romantic backdrop is the beautiful Wyoming scenery, and the realistic, authentic portrayal of ranch living. The adventures Drake and Luce encounter make the story exciting, with both the awe of seeing wild stallions, and facing imminent danger.

The family unit is also a big draw for me as the Carson brothers' banter, argue, and tease each other, and take good care of their mother.

So, all around this is my kind of romance, featuring a quintessential cowboy, who gets the girl, and rides off into the sunset, to live happily ever after. Sigh!

The e book copy I received has an awesome essay written by Linda Lael Miller, describing how she ‘grew up western’, and is a very interesting little bonus.

I recommend this book for fans of Linda Lael Miller, because you know it’s going to be good, but also to those who enjoy contemporary romance with a western flair.

Book Blurb for Always a Cowboy

He's the middle of the three Carson brothers and is as stubborn as they come—and he won't thank a beautiful stranger for getting in his way! 

Drake Carson is the quintessential cowboy. In charge of the family ranch, he knows the realities of this life, its pleasures and heartbreaks. Lately, managing the wild stallions on his property is wearing him down. When an interfering so-called expert arrives and starts offering her opinion, Drake is wary, but he can't deny the longing—and the challenge—she stirs in him. 

Luce Hale is researching how wild horses interact with ranch animals—and with ranchers. The Carson matriarch invites her to stay with the family, which guarantees frequent encounters with Drake, her ruggedly handsome and decidedly unwelcoming son. Luce and Drake are at odds from the very beginning, especially when it comes to the rogue stallion who's stealing the ranch mares. But when Drake believes Luce is in danger, that changes everything—for both of them.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 4.50