A Shot of Red

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A Shot of Red

Mia is in Haiti working on humanitarian efforts after a hurricane. There is a deadly flu pandemic in full swing and she is hoping to get the children vaccinated. Her family owns a pharmaceutical company that produces the vaccine. With her mother in politics, Mia must return to the States to do PR work. This will mean coming face to face with her ex- boyfriend, Brent. She may also have to face the man she spent an incredible night with, Gio. But, once she is back home to her extreme dismay, she is told that Brent has passed away. When she finds a recording Brent left her suggesting that something might be off about the flu vaccine, Mia feels obligated to investigate. With Gio working for her mother, she tries to keep her distance. When Gio learns Brent may have been murdered because of the information he possessed, he joins Mia to find out what is going on. Their journey will take them all the way to Switzerland in a search for answers to the cryptic message Brent left.

Well, I have to say this is one of the best romanatic suspense novels I have read in a while. A flu pandemic is such a real possibility. The thought of the vaccine being tainted or even targeting a specific group of people is a horrifying thought and entirely plausible. Politics and medicine are too closely related these days and this too added authenticity to the story. The suspense is super tense. The chemistry between Gio and Mia is hot, hot, and hotter. They both have issues and Gio is in a particularly bad position since he works for Mia's mother. Their relationship and the investigation puts his job on the line. There are also unresolved problems between Mia and Gio that lead to some pretty intense misunderstandings. But, with so much at stake they have to put their personal lives on the backburner in order to prevent unnecessary deaths from occurring from the possibly tainted vaccine.

Mia's distant relationship with her mother and her closeness with her grandmother is what shapes Mia into the person she is, and that's a good thing. She may be guarded but at least she is honest and dependable and will do the right thing no matter what the cost. I liked her and Gio as a couple and individually. The plot has many twist and turns, some that will leave you gasping for air. All in all this was a well thought out novel. The characters are real and easy to relate to, and the premise is utterly chilling...in more ways than one.

This one gets a 4.5 TOP PICK rating.

Book Blurb for A Shot of Red

After fleeing D.C. following a one-night stand that had her reeling, biotech company heiress Mia Moncure has thrived working with a humanitarian aid team administering vaccines in Haiti. When the United States is threatened with a flu epidemic, Mia's grandmother demands her return to unveil a new flu vaccine for Moncure Therapeutics. She arrives to find that her ex-boyfriend, the company's PR Director, has died in a suspicious accident in Switzerland that Mia soon suspects was murder.

Determined to reveal a killer, Mia heads to Switzerland where she's threatened as she discovers a plan to infiltrate the vaccine for nefarious purposes. Desperate for backup, she turns to sexy Gio Lorenzo, Communications Director for her mother, a high-ranking senator--and Mia's one-night stand. While negotiating their rocky relationship, they race to uncover a deadly scheme that could ruin her family's reputation. But millions of people are being vaccinated, and there's more than her family's legacy at stake. Mia and Gio struggle to discover the truth about the scheme and their feelings for each other, but it just might be too late.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.50