A Good Rogue Is Hard to Find

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A Good Rogue Is Hard to Find

The Lords of Worth, #2

This is a delightfully fun historical romance with wit, humor, and maybe a clever con or two, a few twists and turns along the way, and a sigh worthy romance, all of which will have you glued to the pages.

William Somerhall is a single man, a Duke, filthy rich, and has performed his duties admirably, however, he has yet to marry because the lady he has chosen is a princess he glimpsed at a ball, who then disappeared, leaving him ruined for any other woman.

So, it is with great trepidation that he attends a supper hosted by his eccentric mother, a woman he has purposely avoided since coming into his title eight years ago, following the death of his abusive father. When he arrives for dinner, he finds the place in shambles, with live chickens in the house – yes, chickens, and in the middle of all the chaos is his beautiful princess. What on earth is she doing at his mother's dinner party? What? She is his mother's paid companion?

The Duke's decision to move back in with his mother to oversee her estate and to make sure things are running smoothly, couldn't have come at a worse time for Jenna and the Dowager Duchess of Worth. In the past eight years the Duchess has been very busy indeed, and Jenna has become her accomplice. Now they will have to work very stealthily in order to keep the Duke in dark about their enterprises.

“Jenna often marveled at the irony: the peerage had devised a robust system of laws to punish cheats and debtors while the peers themselves remained largely immune.”

From the very first chapter I had the feeling this book was going to be a fun read. Women were underestimated a great deal in this era of time which helps Jenna pull off her 'Robin Hood' type schemes.

Will catches on faster than Jenna hoped he would, but every time he is in her presence he is so entranced he can't think of anything else.

There are some shocking revelations along the way and although the Duchess may have some whopping secrets, Jenna has a few of her own, as the she schemes to right wrongs her own unique and clever way.

The supporting cast all do their part in rounding out the story.

The only complaint I had with the book is my usual nitpick about modern phrases and words popping up here and there.

Other than that, this is certainly a lightly toned novel, but there are some heavier issues addressed and they will give you something to think about.

The Duchess nearly steals the show in this one but Jenna is a very admirable character and I couldn't help but smile at her sly ways of obtaining her goals and finding her purpose. William is one of those men you just want to hold and of course the history with his father is sad especially since it caused a chasm between himself and the Duchess. But, Jenna's gentle involvement in that relationship helps to bring the two closer.

William and Jenna are not only sizzling hot as a couple but also make a pretty good team. I predict the Duke, Jenna and the Duchess are in for many more wonderful adventures together. This is a highly entertaining and refreshing historical romance. I recommend it!

Book Blurb for A Good Rogue Is Hard to Find


The rogue's life has been good to William Somerhall: He has his fortune, his racehorses, and his freedom. Then he moves in with his mother. It seems the eccentric Dowager Duchess of Worth has been barely skirting social disaster-assisted by one Miss Jenna Hughes, who is far too bright and beautiful to be wasting her youth as a paid companion. Now home to keep his mother from ruin, William intends to learn what's afoot by keeping his friends close-and the tempting Miss Hughes closer still.


He's tall, dark, and damnably intelligent-unfortunately for Jenna. She and the duchess are in the "redistribution business," taking from the rich and giving to the poor, and it's going great - until he shows up. But even as William plots to make an honest woman out of her, Jenna will use all her wiles to reveal just how bad a rogue he can be . . .

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 4.50