A Fatal Affair

This short story/ novella is the prequel to The Admirer's Secret. I read this book before I read the full length novel and I think I would advise readers to read this one after you read The Admirer's Secret.

This story gives the reader a little background on Allen Michaels' character introduced in the first book. Allen is a famous and successful screenwriter, but his marriage is on the rocks and it's much worse than he thought. His wife wants a divorce and will not even consider trying to make the marriage work.

Told in first person we follow Allen along as he is informed that his wife, Susan, has decided to ask for a divorce and the shock of learning his wife has been having an affair. Has Allen come undone? Did his wife's announcement cause him to do something unthinkable?

With a story this short, approximately 56 pages long in digital format, it’s hard to keep from just telling you the story outright. So, let's just say this story gives a little insight into who Allen is and what was happening in his life at the time he met Haley. Did the demise of his marriage have something to do with Allen's fixation on Haley? I think perhaps it did. Susan is a real piece of work and I think Allen is drawn to Haley because she's so nice.

This is a dark little tale and maybe a little bit of a cautionary tale too. It was a little hard to feel sorry for some of these people though. I couldn't help but think- "What comes around goes around". If you read the first book, I think you should read this one to. It's interesting and not at all what you would expect. This one gets 3.5 stars

Book Blurb for A Fatal Affair

In this mesmeric prequel to Pamela Crane’s best-selling psychological thriller "The Admirer’s Secret," Hollywood icon Allen Michaels reveals the gory secrets of his mysterious past. When love leaves him battered and broke, how far is too far to avenge the promise of “til death do us part”? Unleash Allen’s hidden demons in this darkly riveting novella as he takes justice into his own demented hands…

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 3.50