Witch of Arundale Hall

Nothing can stop Sarah’s love for Perry not even herself. Sarah is determined to break the curse over Perry and the men of his family, but she must stay unclaimed by him. Could all that she was told growing up be a lie? Lady North seems Hell bent on stopping the two from finding any happiness. No matter how hard Sarah tries to distance herself from Perry she constantly finds herself back in his arms. Their love cannot and will not be denied. Will Sarah be able to break the curse or will Lady North find a way to win after all?

I truly enjoyed Sarah and Perry’s story. Their story is a sequel to Wolf of Arundale Hall. Both Perry and Sarah endear themselves to the reader. Perry is a good man ready and willing to fight for the love that he knows is there between him and Sarah. As much as she fights it Sarah knows she loves Perry but she longs to free him and she must stay away from him if she is to do that.

This story is just as hot as it is emotional. The love between the two is so strong you can feel it and the determination of both Perry and Sarah is something else. Neither one will be deterred from what they see as the right thing to do. No matter how hard Sarah fights it the two make a wonderful couple and together they are a formidable team against any and all that would threaten them.

Not only did I enjoy meeting Sarah and Perry but Jaimison made his presence known as well. I would love to find out more about him and Chantal. Jaimison is a good man and is faithful to Perry to the end. Their friendship has stood the test and will always be strong.

This quick moving story grabbed my attention from the start and did not let go until the very end.

Book Blurb for Witch of Arundale Hall

This book is a sequel to Wolf of Arundale Hall.

A wicked curse on the men of Arundale transforms them into bloodthirsty beasts when their passions are high. Lady Sarah Ayers can wait no longer to do what only she can—end the curse. Her ancestor cast the spell, and she must undo it. But to accomplish her goal, she cannot let her body overrule her sense of duty, no matter how hard she finds it to resist the deviant sexual impulses that hold her in thrall to Perry Arundale.

Perry will do whatever it takes, with his words or his wilder side, to make Sarah his. But he doesn’t know that the bond between them could lead Sarah to lose not only her heart but her life.

Inside Scoop: This story contains scenes of voyeurism, BDSM and mixed-gender menage.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 4.00