Welcome to the Dark Side

In WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE readers get a fast paced story about finding love in the last place you look. Anarchy is not a man to be toyed with. He rules Hell with an iron fist and expects to be obeyed in all ways and quickly. When Josh shows up in Hell because of his sin Anarchy is not so sure about where he should go or what to do about Josh. Add in the sudden emotions that are plaguing Anarchy and his world begins to spin. The two have an instant connection but just what is it and why? When Anarchy receives a message from Heaven things begin to fall into place but sweet innocent Josh is not meant for Hell. Will Anarchy give up the man that he has begun to love so that Josh may have a better afterlife? Love can make a man do many things but will it be strong enough to save Josh and Anarchy?

This story is a quick short read. As hot as the relationship gets between Anarchy and Josh you are still able to see the trust and love in it. Watching Anarchy work through his emotions and what they mean was a nice read. I enjoyed watching their attraction turn into something more. The two complement each other and make a good couple. The only negative is that their story is so short. It felt like just the beginning and I would love to see more of these two and their world.

Book Blurb for Welcome to the Dark Side

What happens when an innocent is sent to the dark side?

Anarchy is the new leader of hell. He doesn’t believe a young new arrival, Josh, can be a cold-blooded killer. He intends to find out why Josh killed two men and if he deserves the tortures of hell or the peace of heaven. If Josh has to be chained, naked and about to burst from pleasure to tell the truth, well then so be it.

Be Warned: m/m sex, flogging, bondage

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.00