Tales of Monsterotica

Anthology Collection: Book One

So many adventures and so many monsters. Jonathan Woodcock’s adventures begin with Count Shagula and his evil plans. Can Jonathan save the villagers and himself from the nefarious count? Jonathan must find a way to break the hold the count has over the village. Another adventure takes Jonathan to Doctor Wakenstien and his strange experiments. Will Jonathan, the doctor and his newly animated man escape the angry mob? The next adventure will take Jonathan to Egypt and to tombs of the ancients. How will he survive the mummy of Gotabigun. Will this be Jonathan’s last adventure or is there more to see from him?

This is a fun and engaging collection of m/m erotic monster stories. Each one is a humorous look at some old classic horror stories. I am a big fan of the original stories and enjoyed this authors fun take on them. The stories move along nicely and kept me engaged all the way to the end. Jonathan constantly seems to find himself in crazy situations but makes the best of things and does what he does best. As the titles suggest this is a very adult book and for the open-minded reader. I found myself laughing out loud many times as I read these stories. As quick as these reads were the author does a good job of building the worlds and giving the characters some depth and personality. This is a great collection of stories and I am eager to see more from this author.

Book Blurb for Tales of Monsterotica

When the budding and sexually-repressed young accountant Jonathan Woodcock was sent to the distant lands of Transylvania, he expected only a dull and uneventful trip. Instead, he began a series of erotic adventures that would see him go up against the greatest monsters of history!

Travel with Jonathan as he explores the kinky terrors of Castle Shagula and experiences the vampiric Count who lusts after a different sort of life fluid! Watch as poor Jonathan experiences the sinister experiments of the crazed Doctor Wankenstein and the rump-pounding terror of the scientist’s home-built hunk! Shriek in fear as young Mr Woodcock comes face-to-crotch with the tight restrictive bindings of the mummy, and the preternatural charms of an ancestral deity of carnal knowledge!


A line of comical erotic romps featuring the classic and not-so-classic monsters of book, stage, and screen, written by Justin MacCormack, author of "Diary of a Gay Teenage Zombie" and “Hush: A Horror Anthology”.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2018 4.00