Take It Like a Man Anthology

This anthology is full of great stories. Six different authors bring readers some wonderful quick reads. Each world may be different from the other but in each world we meet some great men who have depth and emotions. Their stories will pull you in right from the start.

I enjoyed each and every story in this collection. For me there was no bad story or even one that did not grab my attention. These authors take you on a wonderful ride alongside these characters. The sparks fly right from the start and much of the attraction soon turns into something much deeper for these men. The characters run the mill from strangers to friends, Doctors to musicians and those in between.

If you are looking for stories that are hot reads but also come with a good storyline then this is a book you might want to pick up. These stories move along nicely. We get well rounded characters that have some insecurities and problems just like you or me. I enjoyed watching the men in these books work through their worries and find a way to grab for their happiness. These stories do revolve around men who enjoy their men in the larger sizes. These stories are well written and the sex scenes are tastefully done. While they are sexy the relationships take precedent in these stories and we get to see the men find just what they are longing for.

I am happy to say, that among a few of my favorite authors in this book, I found a few more authors to add to my ever growing favorites list.

Book Blurb for Take It Like a Man Anthology

They say that size doesn't matter, but for some, size is all that matters. If that's you, Take It Like A Man has got you covered! We're ready to stretch you to the limit with big boys and big toys galore.

In "Just What the Doctor Ordered" from Lorne Rodman, doctor Gregg has a prescription for Sam to cure what ails him. Dylan Mackenzie leads a secret double life, but an unexpected encounter at the private BDSM club he frequents is about to change everything in Mychael Black's "Just a Little Bit More." In "Too Good" by T. Strange, Josh is thrilled when a hot guy goes home with him, but he's not sure that Roy is telling him everything.

Casey is resigned to playing piano in swanky hotels and bars, until his ex, Derek, turns up in BA Tortuga's "Monkey Suit." In Lily G. Blunt's "The Perfect Size for You", the well-endowed Ty takes on an inexperienced client and breaks the first rule of rent boys: don't get attached. And Hammer Club fans will be thrilled to see Marcus and Jim joining Billy and Tanny in Sean Michael's "The Games We Play."

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2015 4.50