Something Different

1 Night Stand Series

Can a widower find love again or will he let his past and his hurt consume him? Aarón must make a choice to enter the world again or continue to hide and mourn. When he finally agrees on a date using Madame Evangeline and 1 Night Stand Aarón never imagined what could come of it. Hannah is a beautiful and intelligent woman who begins to bring his heart back to life but can he take the chance on love again?

This story brings us a sweet romance between two middle aged people; Hannah and Aarón. The two go through so many emotions in such a short period of time as they struggle through their date. I enjoyed meeting Hannah she is a strong woman who has lived a good life up until now. This is her last big hurrah before she must find a new job. She knows what she wants and is not afraid to go after it. Aarón has built a wall around his heart since his wife’s passing years ago and he has done nothing but mourn. It was nice to see him finally begin to live his life again. The two make a nice couple. Love comes in many forms and seeing these two grasping the magic was a nice read.

Book Blurb for Something Different

“…We women, we know the truth of love and the human heart. He will mourn me, dearest Evangeline. But as this illness steals my time with him, I want to leave him with hope. This dating service you run…when you feel he is ready, find him a woman, Eve. Find him someone different so that he doesn’t look for me in her eyes.

Show him my letter, so that he knows I want this for him with all my heart. Our children will follow your lead. He will resist, but you must be firm. Use all you know to bring love back into his life.

My days are numbered, the drugs ease my pain. Help my Aaron to heal from his.

Yours in spirit, Maria Consuelo Castillo”

He read the letter and slid into the chair at the family meeting. With a shudder, he met his son’s eyes and sighed. They all watched him, waiting. She wanted this? His beloved wife, gone three years? It was a useless gesture, but he wouldn’t deny the attempt. One date, to satisfy Maria. But that was all. He swore it.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 3.50