Prisoner of the Dragons

Soul Bound Book 1

All Amanda wanted to do was keep her brother and sister safe. Needing to find them food has gotten her in trouble. Stealing from someone like Dean is never a good idea and has its consequences. Yet Amanda must do what she must to save her siblings. When she is caught Amanda knows that this is the end, especially when dragons show up. She must decide to trust Dean with her sibling’s safety and hope that he can save them. Dean may not have been able to save Amanda but he is determined to save the two young children. He hopes that Amanda will trust him enough to tell him where they are, but the dragons put a hole in his plans as they take Amanda. This only makes him more determined to rid the world of these beasts. Imagine his surprise when years later he comes across Amanda all grown up but a prisoner of the dragons. Life has given him another chance to save her and he is not going to let it slip through his grasp. No matter what it takes Dean is going to save Amanda.

This is a fast paced story about a good man finding love and fighting for it. Dean is a strong leader and has always taken care of everyone but once in a while he would love a break and maybe even have someone take care of him instead. When Amanda comes back into his life he finds that he has something more to fight for.

I enjoyed watching Amanda and Dean try to fight their way out of the dragon’s clutches. As the two work to find a way to get free their relationship blossoms, but can Dean save Amanda this time?

I enjoyed seeing Dean’s adventure in the dragon’s stronghold. He is determined to fight for Amanda and the other humans being kept prisoner by the dragons. The author weaves a wondrous world that takes a different look at dragons.

Book Blurb for Prisoner of the Dragons

Dean Andrews watched in horror when sixteen-year-old Amanda Sugar was carried away by the dragons. He swore to destroy the beasts before anyone else could be taken. Six years later, he leads his people in a war against the dragons and finds someone he never expected to see again—Amanda, who has grown into a passionately desirable woman.

Amanda has spent the last six years as a prisoner of the most monstrous dragon imaginable. When she lays eyes on Dean she can’t believe he is there—she has dreamed of him since she was a teenager. Together they will discover a way to finally end the dragons’ rule over humanity, or die trying.

**This book was previously published by a different publisher and under a different name**

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.00