Master's Pet

Masters of Submission 6

Cole is happy; he has everything a man could want; a great job, a nice home and a wonderful woman. Only one person could change that and his name is Quinn. Jessica still sees her old Dom Quinn as something special. Even after the way Quinn treated her, Jessica finds it hard to see him as anything else, but Cole realizes that she is much stronger than she realizes and pushes her to face Quinn. All could come crashing down on Cole if he is not right about Jessica, but he holds steady in his faith of her and their love. He’s forcing Jessica to stand up for herself and find out just what kind of hold if any her old Dom has on her.

True love is hard to find and Cole is putting everything on the line for his love. Betting that the love Jessica and he share is so much stronger than anything fate throws in their path.

I enjoyed the way Cole and Jessica play off of each other. The two make a great couple. I know that Quinn played a major role in her life before Cole, but her reaction to his return was a bit overdone. She turns into a childlike woman. I realize she went through a lot when Quinn left and Cole had to pick up the pieces, but it seemed to me that Jessica reverted to a child. Every time she is threatened with the loss of a Dom she acts like a child throwing a tantrum. I really like the Jessica that stands up for herself and the one who is strong and playful with Cole. She is a good woman that has so much self-confidence and inner strength if she would just let herself believe that she is a woman of worth. When Jessica does just that her light shines through blindingly and we see what a treasure she truly is. Cole already sees her inner beauty and pushes it to the forefront for all to see.

In this book we not only get to see just how hot the two are together but we also get to see their relationship grow so much stronger as they deal with the return of Quinn.

Book Blurb for Master's Pet

At thirty-six, Cole Rossi has found the perfect submissive in Jessica Summers. The twenty-eight-year-old beauty is sexy, witty, and more than a little mischievous. She has been his to worship, discipline, and adore for the last three years, and he can't imagine life without her.

Master Cole is everything Jessica could possibly wish for in a dominant. He's powerful and caring, and has placed his diamond collar around her neck as a symbol of his love, respect, and commitment to her.

However, when Quinn Sutherland, Jessica's former master, returns to Club Submission for the first time in four years, their idyllic D/s relationship is thrown into turmoil. There was always bad blood between the two men, and Cole is well aware that nothing would give his nemesis more pleasure than taking Jessica from him.

Unsettled by events, Cole uses tough love to resolve the situation. Will his strategy work, or will it backfire and drive Jessica straight into the arms of his bitter rival?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 4.00