Impudent Crimes

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Impudent Crimes

This book gives us a look at Celia Leseaux and some of her adventures with Peter and just how she came to be with him and his friends. We watch as Celia finds her way and figures out just where she fits into Peter’s world. While Celia and her friends are discovering each other a group of people who have banded together under the name of religion have come to the house to give Peter and his friends and ultimatum. Just who will win this war and will Celia be a victim or is she one already?

This book started out interestingly enough for me but I soon lost my interest. The characters were very one dimensional to me and the story did not pull me in. The chapters did not flow smoothly for me and I found this to be a dry read. I would have like to see more of Celia and her predicament than the religious group and the fighting between them and Peter and his friends. There did not seem to be a lot of character development in this story making me feel ambivalent towards all the characters. I wanted to feel for Celia and her new friends during the ordeals that they go through with ARMY OF MORAL REVIVAL but the emotions were not there for me. While this story may not have pulled me in I will still look for more from this author to find one that does.

Book Blurb for Impudent Crimes

An erotic novel set in the 1980's with bdsm, f/f, female submission themes by Bertram Fox.

Party girl Celia wakes up to find a slave collar on her neck and a whole new adventure beginning. The Workshop – Peter the Master, Gabriel the leather dyke, Juno the dominatrix and Jason the sexpert – mean to use their new toy in every way they can. But the Workshop has dangerous enemies, and Celia's adventures get extremely painful before she can rest in the love of her cruel Master.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 3.00