Bend Me Over

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Bend Me Over

Hawkeye Two

After a break in at her home, Aimee is thrown for a loop when her sister assigns agent Trace Romero to guard her. When Trace shows up at Aimee’s door he finds more than he bargained for. The little scientist is more than a handful. It also seems that they both have a similar interest in BDSM. Trace can only hope that he will get his chance with Aimee before this job ends.
This book pulled me in right from the start. Aimee is a smart woman who takes a chance at happiness even when she thinks it is fleeting. Trace is a great Dom who finds himself the perfect sub. He is good at what he does, whether it is in the bedroom or on the job, Trace is always aware and alert to all the signs around him. I enjoyed watching Aimee blossom under Trace’s tutelage. The bond that the two begin to have is a wonderful read. Trace not only demands things like honesty but he gives it as well. The banter between the two is a great read and how could you not love Aimee’s parrot, Eureka? The relationship between Trace and Eureka had me laughing out loud at times.
This was a wonderful read with characters full of depth and emotion. We see many sides of Trace as he protects and cares for Aimee and we get to see Aimee begin to relax and trust with Trace’s help. Sierra Cartwright does a good job of keeping the action going as well as making this book a hot read making this book a page turner that should not be missed.

Book Blurb for Bend Me Over

Tall, dark, handsome, and oh-so dangerous.

That's Trace Romero, Aimee's new bodyguard. Aimee has no desire to share her home with anyone, especially a Hawkeye operative who invades her space and thoroughly dominates her.

If it were up to him, Trace would be in a South American jungle, mixing it up with bad guys instead of playing bodyguard to the uptight college professor who makes him anything but welcome. But when he finds a stash of her BDSM novels, protecting the professor’s body suddenly gets more interesting.

Aimee would send him on his way, if her sister weren’t so concerned about the break in at her house, and if she hadn’t threatened protective custody. But protective custody might have been slightly less overwhelming than Trace demanding her complete capitulation, mind and body, and more -- her total trust. But that trust may be the only thing standing between her and a madman determined to kill her.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, BDSM theme and content, violence.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.50