Rod and Cane Society Book 2

Rod and Cane Society, #2

Emma is looking to break out as a journalist and has found what she thinks is a great story to jump start her career. The exclusive Rod And Cane Society is a place where those who enjoy domestic discipline can freely express themselves and have a safe community without the threat of being ostracized or condemned by today’s society. Emma plans on being the one to break the story and hopefully kick start her career. Yet in a chance meeting she crosses paths with Dan. When he asks Emma if she would like to try spanking she finds that she is more than curious and decides that she must do the personal research for her story. She soon realizes that she is longing for more than research and is torn about publishing her story.

I enjoyed this story. Emma is a strong woman and struggles with herself. She enjoys spankings but has been brought up to abhor what the Rod And Cane Society stands for. She begins to feel more than sexual excitement with Dan. It turns into so much more for her and she must deal with it all. Dan is a good man and is put to the test with his feelings for Emma. When Emma’s story comes to light both Dan and Emma must decide on what their true feelings for each other are. Emma and Dan are a great couple, they complement each other very well and watching their relationship blossom was a nice read. This story is fast paced and full of emotions. It pulled me in right from the start and did not let go until the very end.

Book Blurb for Rod and Cane Society Book 2

Aspiring journalist Emma Dupree needs a blockbuster story to boost her career into the big leagues. When she learns of a secret organization of men who spank, she goes undercover at the Rod and Cane Society to expose the organization and give her career a needed boost. Unbeknownst to Emma, her new boyfriend Dan Tanner is a member of the society and itches to get his hands on Emma’s bottom. When his secret comes to light, Emma will have to decide…will she choose the story… or love?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 4.00