This story revolves around three different men. Ian, Calvin and Ezra, each one in his own world and when they collide the chaos begins. Ezra is a strong dominant and he is not afraid to go after what he wants and what he wants is Ian. After all these years Ian still finds himself lusting after Ezra even though he is with Calvin. When it is convenient for Calvin he seeks out Ian but when push comes to shove Calvin turns away. What will Ian do now that Ezra has come back into his life? Will he take a chance on what could be or will he stay and be Calvin’s dirty secret?

I enjoyed the concept of this book but I had a hard time falling into the story. The main characters did not endear themselves to me. Ian was a little too naïve for my tastes and there was not much character development with Calvin. I would have liked to see a bit more into the development of the relationship between Ezra and Ian not just the sex and Calvin just seems to be there. His character is very one dimensional and it seems he is only there to give a little conflict to the story. Their story moves quickly and it almost feels as if you are just getting highlights of it not delving into the meat of the relationship. I was glad to see Ian begin to fight for his happiness and hope that love will find its way to him.

Book Blurb for Curtains

Ian’s normal, boring life consists of his small town bartending job and his on again/off again relationship with his strictly vanilla boyfriend. Ian wants something more -- he just doesn’t know what. When fate -- and a traveling theatre troupe -- drops his high school crush, Ezra, in Ian’s path, Ian has to choose between his stable, boring life, or risk everything for a future full of uncertainty -- and the possibility of real love.

Ezra’s loved Ian since high school, and he’s always regretted the chance he didn’t take. But will Ian consent to be Ezra lover -- and his partner in his darkest fantasies?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 3.00