A Ghost Gifts Novel Book 2

Mrs. Spinella draws you right into her story of a woman named Aubrey and a man named Levi. She also reaches back into Aubrey's past and brings in two more characters, Zeke and Nora. She weaves them into book two as she also adds a brand new character.

Aubrey always knew her gift was handed down to her along with a box of scraps of papers with little writings on them. The box was left for her from her dad who sent it to Aubrey's grandmother just before he died. This box of scrap paper helps Aubrey find PPL. She has never profited off the ghost gifts, but without her knowledge, her best friend and ex lover used the gift to help his sister. But it also killed him in the end. The more of the story you read the more answers you find. Plus lots of awe's with the twists. You get so much more as you read. Plus more questions and answers you also find. Mrs. Spinella leaves you begging for more with this second book.

Book Blurb for Foretold

Laura Spinella’s Ghost Gifts trilogy continues as Aubrey’s otherworldly talents—and a visit from a former lover—threaten to tear apart her family.

A mysterious death in a muddy swamp, missing children in different states…psychic Aubrey Ellis and her partner, investigative reporter Levi St John, have their hands full. The added strain of raising their son, who struggles with his own psychic gift, pushes life to the brink of collapse.

Enter Zeke Dublin—Aubrey’s first love from her carnival past. Tensions escalate when it’s clear that the attraction between them is alive and well. But as Levi discovers disturbing clues about the body pulled from the swamp, he begins to suspect Zeke’s sudden presence is more than coincidence.

As Aubrey’s uncanny abilities take an unsettling turn, she fears that this time her own child is in danger. Who can Aubrey trust to help solve the unknowns surrounding her life—the father of her son, or a man who’s always understood the deepest secrets of her psychic gift?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2018 4.50