Three's a Clan

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Three's a Clan

Hart Clan Hybrids, Book 3

They are supposed to be enemies so what happens when vampire, Shelly Meyers and werewolves, Richard Paulson and Trevor Paulson gets close makes no sense at all but they’re running out of time to figure it out in this thrilling paranormal romance.

The three of them must learn to let go of the past and forge a new future before a power hungry vampire takes it all away and the reader can’t help but be pulled into the excitement and the turmoil as Shelly, Trevor and Richard try to come to terms with their desires while working against their enemy. This threesome burns up the pages with red hot chemistry and scorching sex scenes but the relationship is one hot mess with lots of emotional turmoil from all three characters, turmoil that grip the reader’s heart as they understand just what a quandary theses strong, captivating characters find themselves in and the fast paced, smooth flowing plot thrills readers with lots of suspense, excitement and passion.

There is never a dull moment to be found within the pages of this story not only because of the relationship troubles but a power hungry vampire has plans for world domination, plans that include Shelly so there is lots of spine tingling tension and excitement building throughout the story as the Hart Clan Hybrids return and start preparing for war with some unexpected twist keeping the readers guessing and some snarky dialogue and ribbing between friends adding humor. The intriguing events draw the reader in and refuse to let go as the well written scenes and details capture the imagination.

The Hart Clan Hybrids is full of interesting elements and surprising twists, so it was so very easy for me to get completely lost in Shelly, Richard and Trevor’s story, especially as their romance is such a turbulent one and there was just so much going on with the war and the characters from the previous books that I was unable to put the book down until I had read every last word.

Book Blurb for Three's a Clan

Sometimes the only way to hold on is to let it all go.

Finding out she’s a byproduct of her maker’s plan for world domination is a letdown for Shelly Meyers. Now she must figure out where to pin her loyalties. Tradition tells her to follow her leader, but something tells her tradition is overrated. Is it her conscience? Nah. Not that. Not anymore.

Richard Paulson never planned on turning furry, yet here he is, an Alpha in charge of a pack. Even with Doc, his beta, at his back, he seems to keep winding up in another frying pan.

Long ago, Trevor “Doc” Paulson gave the woman he loved to someone who could give her the life she deserved. Now, as he and Richard fight to prevent history repeating, he’s struggling not to act on pure attraction—again. He knows he should be Rick’s voice of reason, but what happens when the three of them get close makes no sense at all.

Together they must decide to let go of the past to forge a new future—and fast. Before a power-hungry vampire takes it all away.

Warning: This book contains a sexually volatile vampire who is about to grab the world and a couple of werewolves by the balls. Not for the faint of heart, or those who are opposed to sex, blood, bites, multiple partners and multiple orgasms.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 4.50