The Vampire's Bat

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The Vampire's Bat

Kaska Pack, #4

Maysa reaches out to Seamus and places her trust in him to keep her safe and the hunter after her better take note because Seamus is a force to be reckoned with in this action packed paranormal romance.

Seamus’s bonding instinct is riding him hard but his mate’s terror of needles holds him back and the reader can’t help but get excited during the non-stop action while the emotional impact of the story grips the heart. The pull between Maysa and Seamus is strong but with everything she’s been through, Maysa’s unsure about Seamus being her mate but that’s not all the romance in this story as there is couple of others among the Kaska Pack who get bitten by the mating bug. The strong captivating characters of the Kaska Pack demand reader’s attention while stealing the heart and the fast paced, smooth flowing plot thrills readers with lots of suspense, action and romance.

Maysa’s situation brings lots of excitement and tension to the story as the Kaska Pack sets out on another rescue and discovers that they may have to get ready for a war and the hunter after Maysa causes quite a bit of mayhem to the story as well but don’t get me wrong, not all the excitement in the pack is due to danger and chaos (sorry no spoilers). Well written scenes brings the story to life with vivid details while the continuous events ensure that there is never a dull moment.

Once again, my visit with the Kaska Pack was a thrilling ride that wouldn’t let me put the book down until I had read every last page and from the way things are going it only promises to be more so.

Book Blurb for The Vampire's Bat

When the mystery visitor he has been scenting for just over a week suddenly appears in his infirmary, wearing only his shirt, Seamus’s bonding instinct slams into him hard. But Maysa has been an experimental test subject and has developed a fear of needles so severe she cannot get past his fangs, and this delays their bonding. The delay sends him into a coma, and his only possible salvation is the blood of his beloved, who is still afraid of his fangs.

Maysa’s shifter scenting ability is off, so she can’t be sure Seamus is really her mate. Still, with other shifters, including her family, stuck in the hell she escaped from, and a perverted, sick and twisted hunter after her, she reaches out to Seamus. Placing her trust in his hands, she learns two very important things: don’t let your fear hold you back, and when it comes to her, Seamus is no mild mannered medic. He’s a force to be reckoned with.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 5.00