The Edgewood Trials

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The Edgewood Trials

The Edgewood Series, #2

Thorne thought the evil had been defeated with Xander’s soul trapped and contained within her, but the inquisitors are in town and the grand high witch is coming for revenge in this spine chilling paranormal romance.

Nightmares, murders and a woman making the moves on her husband is enough to send any woman over the edge but sending Thorne over the edge may not be the wisest thing to do and the reader can’t help but get caught up in the evils that have descended on Pine Ridge as the fate of everyone rests in the hands of Thorne and her sisters. These strong bewitching characters casts their spell right from the beginning and hold readers spellbound with a fast paced, smooth flowing plot full of intrigue, magic and action with emotional turbulence gathering into hurricane force winds as Thorne fights a battle that puts all the others to shame all while struggling to save her marriage and everyone else around her.

Expectations build lots of tension throughout the story as the danger escalates from everywhere including within and chill inducing evil manipulates and traps to achieve its goal and adding even more chaos to the excitement, there’s a mysterious prophecy and an inquisitor has come looking for witches. Vivid images bring the story to life while the engaging events immerse readers into a world where surprises and magic keep readers on their toes and ensure that they don’t want to miss a thing.

Once again, this story held me spellbound from beginning to end and I have to say that one of the dangers that the Edgewood Sisters are facing is chillingly disturbing with some unique and interesting elements that add to the intensity of the story (sorry, I don’t want to give anything away) and I have to say that I was quite impressed with some of the magical scenes. I do have to warn you there is a major cliff hanger which means that I really want to read the next book like right now!

Book Blurb for The Edgewood Trials

Sometimes the greatest evil is found within ourselves.

With the evil warlock, Xander, defeated, Thorne can finally settle into a normal life with her husband Jarrett and their newborn child. But when a visitor arrives in Pine Ridge, a man long thought dead, Thorne’s nightmares begin. Her infant daughter crying. Hellhounds howling. An evil presence she cannot seem to shake. Jarrett does not trust the visitor and for good reason: he’s Xander’s brother, and he brings news that their mother, the grand high witch, Aretha, is coming to take revenge upon Thorne, her child, and anyone else who stands in her way.

But Aretha’s not the only threat to Pine Ridge. The inquisitors are coming. Children have been going missing. And Xander’s soul, trapped and contained within Thorne, is whispering to her to use the dark side of her magic. His power over her has been contained until now, but when a woman from town starts making advances on Jarrett, Thorne’s not sure how much more she can take, or if she can save both her marriage and everything else around her. Then the murders begin, and a prophecy is invoked. It soon becomes clear to Thorne that there’s nothing random about the recent evils that have descended upon Pine Ridge, and the fate of everyone rests in her hands…

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 4.00