Song of the Ancients

Ancient Magic, #1

Samantha Danroe didn’t believe in magic until she becomes the prey in a war between good and evil and Nicholas Orenda is the only one who can prepare for what’s two come or is he…in this enthralling paranormal suspense.

Nicholas is on a mission to stop the creature systematically killing off his family and he doesn’t have time to teach Samantha witchcraft and the reader can’t help but get drawn into this intriguing battle between good and evil and full of ancient magics. There is chemistry between Nicholas and Samantha but with another man trying to seduce her, Nicholas’ secrets and a prophecy that may or may not mean her death the relationship is a complicated work in progress. The characters are strong, compelling and really pull readers into the story where the steady to fast paced plot captivates readers with lots of suspense, excitement, turmoil, magic and romance.

As the time of the prophecy draws near and the danger escalates, expectation builds lots of spine tingling tension throughout the story with Samantha’s magical learnings and her search for answers adding lots of excitement and intrigue as well and the emotional turbulence that stems for having the Samantha and Nicholas not knowing who to trust including each other adds lots of depth while magic spices it all up even more. Well written scenes and details capture the imagination and make it easy for the reader to become immersed in the intriguing story.

The author joins cultural myths and crosses boundaries, creating a powerful world of ancient magic and beliefs with unexpected twists and surprising elements. The story starts off a little on the slow side but it’s obvious that the build-up is needed to acquaint Samantha with her magical side and of course her search for answers on how to stay alive and once things really got going there was no way I could put the story down because I was hooked and I am looking forward to finding out what happens next.

Book Blurb for Song of the Ancients

What would you die for?

Samantha Danroe doesn't believe in magic. Her ex-husband cured her of happily-ever-after when he cheated on her three days after saying I-do.

She doesn't believe in ghosts. Until her mother's ghost rises from a Halloween bonfire with a warning of death from beyond the grave.

And she certainly doesn't believe in witchcraft. Until she becomes the prey in an ancient war waged between good and evil. A war whose rules she must scramble to learn to stay alive.

In need of protection, Samantha turns to the mysterious Nicholas Orenda, a sixth-generation witch on the trail of a creature who is systematically killing off his family. According to his family's prophecy, three will be sacrificed to the dark. His mother and grandmother are already dead, and Nicholas doesn't have time to play by the rules.

Samantha finds herself in the center of a deadly hunt for a mysterious foe. Can she find the strength to defeat a supernatural killer and prevent the third sacrifice? Or will she be the catalyst that opens the gates to the Underworld?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2015 4.00