Skin Deep

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Skin Deep

On the first morning of her new life, Garland Durrell finds a man and a small boy washed up on the beach and takes on the care of the mysterious pair when it becomes obvious that chief of police is reluctant to help in this bewitching paranormal romance.

The last of the ruling family of selkies, Alasdair and his son Conner aren’t sure if they can trust the lovely, blue-eyed woman who takes them in and the readers can’t help but become enthralled in the story as Garland and Alasdair grow closer together even as an evil entity sets out to destroy Alasdair and possess Garland. The romance is sweet with sizzling heat as the relationship slowly grows throughout the story while being hampered by emotional turmoil caused by several different elements in this story which grips readers by their hearts and has them empathizing with these strong, compelling characters in this steady to faced story full of suspense, excitement and romance.

The romance and the danger keeps anticipation building throughout the story as the towns mysterious secrets and the exciting discovery of magic builds expectation throughout and adrenaline pumping excitement has readers hanging onto the edge of their seats as the evil entity causes chaos throughout the town and has Garland making some hard choices. The scenes are vibrant and capture the imagination which makes it easy for the reader to become captivated by the intriguing events and the setting adds to the mysterious and magical feel of the story ensuring that the readers are glued to the pages.

The story is full of mystery and magic along with suspense and passion, the author’s evil entity adds chilling danger and Garland’s magical sewing is not only different it adds a special flair to the story. I was completely enchanted by Alasdair and Garland’s tale and I will be looking for more Marissa Doyle titles.

Book Blurb for Skin Deep

After a painful divorce, Garland Durrell looks forward to settling into her home on Cape Cod to make the quilts that are her passion. On the first morning of her new life she finds a man and a small boy washed up on the beach, both badly wounded. Since the town chief of police is strangely reluctant to help, Garland takes on the care of the mysterious pair who don't seem to remember what happened to them--and feels her own heart begin to heal.

Alasdair does remember. He and his son Conn are the last of the ruling family of selkies from the waters around the Cape, locked in a decades-long struggle with an evil that threatens all, selkie and human. He’s not sure if he can trust the lovely, blue-eyed woman who takes them in until he touches one of her quilts and feels the magic she’s sewn into it...and the emotions that he never thought he’d feel again.

But the evil entity that stole Alasdair’s sealskin and left him for dead quickly senses both his presence and Garland’s magic, and is determined to destroy one and possess the other. Only Garland and her quilts, made with a power she barely believes she has, can save them all from destruction—if she can avoid being destroyed first.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2016 4.50