Sexual Shift

Magical Sisters, Book 3

This magical romance is full of passion and excitement with some humor to top it off. Hilly figures after raising her sisters, she can handle any bad boy even half-demon, half-angel Tanner Cage, but she didn’t count on his mother throwing a fit about their relationship.

This fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps readers on their toes with suspense, drama, and red hot passion. The author describes the story with well written scenes and details that capture the imagination and the strong bewitching characters are easily related to and invite the reader to join Hilly and Tanner as they fight for the their HEA.

The chemistry between Tanner and Hilly rocks their world and the frequent blazing hot sex scenes including some m/f/m interaction that rock the readers to their core, but the relationship is on a collision course with disaster since a shape shifter is in no way good enough for a demon’s son. Tanner’s mother takes controlling her son’s life just a little too far, but it sure adds excitement and drama to their relationship and the reader can’t help but get caught up in the story. Some snarky dialogue and magical attacks spice up the story and if that’s not enough the ongoing battle of wills between Tanner and his mother and his mother and father adds lots of entertainment as well.

I found the story to be enjoyable and entertaining, funny and playful but serious and passionate at the same time and the author surprised me with a couple of twists as well. I was particularly pleased with the ending because it shows the depth of the couple’s love for one another and one that I hadn't considered. The story can certainly be read without reading the first two because I haven't read them although I will be remedying that.

Book Blurb for Sexual Shift

He’ll fight like a demon to keep her safe—Heaven and Hell be damned.

After her parents’ deaths, Hilly Tristan sacrificed anything resembling a social life to raise her two sisters. Now that they’ve settled down with loves of their lives, it’s finally her turn to find a man of her own. Trouble is, she doesn’t go for the bar scene, and online dating seems, well, desperate—even if she could find a site that caters to shape-shifters.

The offspring of a demon and a once-fallen angel, Tanner Cage comes by his playboy lifestyle honestly. Blessed with a few special powers of his own, settling down with one woman isn’t even on his radar. The captivating Hilly, though, tempts him to do just that.

Hilly figures she can handle any bad boy, even the son of a demon. Handling his evil mommy dearest’s schemes to keep them apart? That’s another kettle of brimstone—and bed full of buxom broads. There’s only one thing to do: fight sex with sex to win back the man of her dreams.

Except Tanner’s mother is mad enough to spit lightning bolts, which means staying together risks getting the shock of their lives—or deaths.

Warning: The book isn’t called Sexual Shift for nothing. Be prepared for sex that will make your heart pound, then have you holding your breath in anticipation. Go-for-anything sex between a demon-angel and a shape-shifter makes for more fire than even Hell can handle.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 3.50