Prymal Obsession

Prymal, #2

Brut Jurango lives for one purpose – revenge but when Sidonie Walker’s life is threatened he can’t resist her call in this thrilling paranormal romance.

Sidonie is used to disappointment so she tries to say out of Brut’s way since he shot her down but when she’s in trouble, Brut insists on being glued to her side and the reader can’t help but get drawn into the confusing maze of emotions that stem from Brut and Sidonie’s attraction. Their desire is certainly hot enough for each other that there shouldn’t be any question but emotional turmoil thrives in both of their lives and confuses the mating issue for both of them which grips the readers by the heart and refuses to let go. The characters are strong, compelling and draw the reader in while the fast paced plot keeps readers on the edge of their seat with suspense, excitement and passion.

Sidonie’s friend has been missing for a while and now the only clue is a threatening note that sends excitement and danger soaring with lots of surprises and tension building intrigues that keep the readers guessing right along with the characters. Well written scenes and details capture the imagination and bring the story to life while the suspenseful events ensure that the reader wants to know everything especially since the motive for everything that’s happening is quite complex and circles around to the war between the Prymal Pack and the Wylfen.

The author has a created a fascinating and complex shifter world with some interesting and unique elements that add a refreshingly different edge to the shifter genre and I was completely caught up in the story from the beginning although I must say that due to the length of the story, the plot jumps time quite a bit, so do pay attention while you are enjoying it.

Book Blurb for Prymal Obsession

The primal call of Mate Claim sparks a battle among the three species of shifters—Wylfen, Feral, & Rogue—and has for generations. These violent feuds incite hunts by humankind, driving shifters near extinction. To protect their people the aristocratic Wylfen ban the practice of Mate Claim. When a Rogue alpha claims a Wylfen female, the mated pair forms a coalition with a Feral male. An alliance is created: Prymal, a new species & pack born of Rogue, Wylfen, & Feral. And war begins…

Brut Jurango’s pack is one of butt-ugly misfits, and he’s devoted to each and every member. When his mate and his entire pack are slaughtered, he lives for one sole purpose–revenge. Brut’s a mixed breed, wolf, panther, and human. He had a mate, and shifters are supposed to have only one in a lifetime. So why can’t he resist Sidonie Walker’s call? Or is this just one more lie proliferated by the Wylfen?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2015 4.00