Private Affair

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Private Affair

Rockfort Security, #3

Compelled to investigate the death a high school classmate, Olivia Winters enlists the help of Rockfort Security PI, Max Lyon. Posing as husband and wife, they uncover a trail of grisly murders that puts them in the murderer’s path, in this riveting romantic suspense.

A fast-paced and smooth-flowing plot keeps readers on the edge of their seats, with lots of suspense and romance. The attraction Olivia and Max feel for each other is obvious from the very beginning, and the reader can’t help but get drawn into their story as they try to solve the case and work on their emotional issues. Olivia captures the heart of the readers with the obvious pain that she is hiding and Max is the sexy bad boy gone good, who makes the heart pound in delight. Word of caution, the plot touches on some touchy teenage trauma and conflicts, although it doesn’t go into too much detail.

Anticipation and excitement grab the reader’s attention as the danger escalates and the couple is followed on their quest to discover who the killer is and just what his motive is. Max’s past as a former detective also comes back to haunt him, and brings even more danger to the couple, ensuring there is never a dull moment while the thrilling suspense pulls the reader in and one gets caught up in the mystery which makes one feel part of the story.

Once again, Rebecca York spins a captivating tale that ensnares and entertains, guaranteeing that the reader wants to know every last detail, and Rockfort Security provides sexy and charming hunks for the reader to fall for, and strong compelling heroines who the readers can relate to. Each story can be read as a stand-alone novel but I do recommend that you read them all.

Book Blurb for Private Affair

Does everyone have something to hide?

Olivia Winters and Max Lyon knew each other way back when, but she was one of the cool kids, and he was a bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Olivia's a successful model now, and Max a PI much in demand.

When Olivia's old high school friend is murdered-and a raft of "accidental" deaths may be murders, Max is the only man Olivia can trust to help her investigate.

As they team up, Max is blown away by Olivia's courage under fire, and Olivia finds that the bad boy she remembers from the fringes of her social circle might just be the best man she's ever met...

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 4.50