Once in a Blue Moon

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Once in a Blue Moon

Moon, #1

Casey Montgomery’s had enough of bad boys so she is no way no how falling for Jake Benedict but Jake has a few secrets up his sleeve to prove that he’s playing for keeps in this captivating paranormal romance.

Jake can’t believe that his mate has no clue about her true identity but he plans to tell her when the time is right and the readers can’t help but get caught up in the story as Jake sets out to break down Casey’s formidable defenses and win her over. The chemistry is scorching from Casey’s first glimpse and only gets hotter as the romance progresses but the relationship has a few barriers, barriers that have sparks flying in every direction along with some heated encounters and then there is Jake’s secret. The characters are easily related to and draw readers in with vibrant intensity while the fast paced and smooth plot captivates readers with suspense, a little drama and romance.

This fiery relationship causes quite a bit of tension and anticipation to build throughout the story as personal and outside influences contribute to some of the emotional turmoil and past relationships have left lingering scars or in Jake’s case comes back to cause a bit of exciting trouble as well and blowing secrets wide open. The scenes are well written with vivid details that makes it easy for the reader to picture every scene as it happens and the thoughtful and intriguing events ensure that the readers wants to know the whole story.

I was completely caught up in this delightful werewolf tale, it has a very interesting spin on the genetic side of things which adds a bit of a unique flair to werewolves and I do believe would contribute to promising future stories…I would certainly be interested in reading Reed’s story.

Book Blurb for Once in a Blue Moon

Casey Montgomery's lifelong addiction to bad boys has brought her nothing but heartache. Just as she swears off alpha males forever, a brief, torrid encounter with one of the hottest, Harley-riding, leather-jacketed hunks she's ever seen leaves her reeling – and worse, jeopardizes her carefully laid plans to meet and fall in love with a nice, dependable nerd.

Jake Benedict has been around the block enough times to recognize his mate when he meets her, a gorgeous werewolf with a case of latent genes who doesn't have a clue about her true identity. Jake is just the were to teach Casey about her ancient heritage and coax her feral side into revealing itself.

While Casey can't resist the intense physical attraction she feels for Jake, she's determined to freeze him out emotionally. Can Jake break through Casey's defenses and prove to her once and for all that he's one bad boy who's playing for keeps?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2015 4.00