An Echoes of Eternity Novel, #1

Serena Sykes has just discovered that not only does she have supernatural abilities but the family she didn’t know existed does as well and to prevent them from triggering a supernatural wasteland she must learn to control hers in this urban fantasy.

This book grabs reader’s attention from the very beginning with the ultimate shake up, Serena finds out that the paranormal exists and that she has a mother, a twin sister and a niece that she never knew existed which of course leads to inevitable emotional turmoil and disastrous learning curves some of which causes some chuckling outbursts but most of which gets the adrenaline pumping and the excitement flowing. Lots of intriguing events draws the reader in deeper as Serena becomes aware of just what her mother is up to which can only lead to death and destruction at the hands of a sorceress who wants to unleash paranormal creatures across the globe.

The characters are strong and compelling and the plot is steady paced with lots of suspense, excitement and a bit of romance. Serena has lots of things going on in her world besides the new which adds depth to the story and the world is full of intriguing possibilities and interesting elements, some of which are a bit different from other books and the overall plot is certainly attention worthy but there is something a bit off about the story.

I was quite intrigued with the events and the overall world but I kept waiting for the story to come together and for Serena to become this kick butt heroine but I think the dialogues between the different characters was a bit circular, which left me a bit confused and Serena was a bit slow in accepting everything (understandable) but I’m sure that Serena will continue to grow as the series unfolds and that everything will come together in a more concise manner.

Book Blurb for Nightwish

Serena Sykes just discovered that the mother, identical twin sister, and niece she never knew existed…are the last remaining witches on the planet. That is, except for Serena, who recently received her own limited, albeit wildly erratic supernatural abilities.

But her newfound family isn’t interested in helping her master those gifts. After all, Serena’s mother has been communicating beyond the veil with the first witch in their line, a sorceress named Zephora who hopes to return to this dimension and destroy an ancient curse that would unleash paranormal creatures across the globe.

To help guide her in this new landscape, Serena turns to her grandmother, an elderly woman suffering from dementia and the only vampire in existence, a man who has his own mysterious agenda. With less than 48 hours to prevent her family from triggering a supernatural wasteland, Serena must learn to control her abilities…if she hopes to save the world!

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 3.00