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Shifters Unlimited, #1

One of Deacon Black’s protégées has disappeared and as the alpha he’s prepared to risk his sanity to bring her home until he unexpectedly finds his salvation in this thrilling paranormal romance.

Private investigator Lena Juarez answers a desperate plea to search for a missing mother and son and the reader can’t help but get caught up in this rockin’ romance as Lena willingly collaborates with Deacon while trying to resist the seductive battle he wages against her body and soul. This steady to fast paced plot thrills readers with lots of suspense, excitement and romance and by steady to fast paced I must say it more on the fast paced side but there are a few places where it slows down just a little but in way that’s a good thing because it lets the reader’s catch up with the momentum of this story. The build up from one event to the next is stupendously gripping and will keep you on the edge of your seat as the danger escalates between each event while the tension builds throughout the story as they search for the missing mother and son.

The characters are strong, charismatic and demand readers pay attention while they navigate their rocky romance full of sizzling chemistry and steamy passion as it also has quite a few other intriguing and emotional factors upsetting the courtship. The well written scenes and details make it easy for the reader to picture each and every scene and the intriguing events ensure that they keep turning the pages until the very end.

I was completely caught up in this story from the very beginning and there was no way that I could put the story down as I just knew I would miss something within this complex plot and fascinating world and I can’t wait to read the next book.

Book Blurb for Missing

An alpha losing control of his power. A desperate mother and son. The PI determined to save them all.

Alpha wolf Deacon Black has succeeded in saving his clan only to risk the feral madness that threatens every unmated alpha. When one of his protégées disappears, he’s prepared to risk his sanity to bring her home until he unexpectedly finds help from a stubborn, sexy investigator. She may be his salvation, but she’s not sold on becoming an alpha’s mate. Yet convince her he will, even if he has to break his number one shifter rule to do it.

Private investigator Lena Juarez is hours from hightailing it as far as she can from the northwestern forests when a desperate plea drags her into the search for a missing mother and son. Her collaboration with Deacon isn’t a problem as long as she ignores the seductive battle he wages against her body and soul. But to give into the temptation could mean death. His.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 4.50