Menage on Ryder Ranch

The Men of Moone Mountain, #3

With Ryder Ranch floundering and Hope being threatened and stalked, Max and Cameron must find it in themselves to overcome the trauma and nightmares of the past to save their future in this compelling contemporary romance.

Hope has missed Max and Cam but she doesn’t know if she can handle the loneliness when the army calls and they leave again and the reader can’t help but get drawn into the compelling story as all three try to find their way toward happiness. The sex scenes are hot and steamy including m/f/m but the relationship needs lots of TLC as these strong captivating characters capture the heart while the fast paced and smooth flowing plot draws readers in with suspense, turmoil and romance.

Expectation grips readers from the very beginning as they realize that Max and Cameron are heroes dealing with lots of emotional turbulence and tension builds as it becomes clear that Hope is in being stalked by a stranger. The well written scenes capture the imagination while the intriguing events draw the reader in and refuse to let go.

Sexy cowboys and lots of passion guarantee readers will have a great time visiting with the Men of Moone Mountain but Max and Cameron will steal your heart and although I do wish that the story had been a bit longer I can’t wait to visit again.

Book Blurb for Menage on Ryder Ranch

Can Hope heal the heroes?

Max Allen and Cameron Ryder return from Afghanistan as heroes—to everyone except themselves. As they battle the trauma and nightmares of the ambush that left Cam wounded, they arrive home to Moone Mountain only to find the Ryder Ranch has been floundering without them. Cameron’s elderly father and uncle have been hiding their problems from the soldiers for fear of adding to their worries.

Hope Bradley has badly missed the boys she grew up with, but she doesn’t dare reveal how she feels—how she yearns to see them again, to feel their touch... She moved away from the ranch shortly after they enlisted, finding the loneliness too much to bear. Complicating matters further, a businessman has just made an offer on her thriving florist business, despite it not being for sale. If there ever was a chance to get away somewhere fresh and start over, this was it... She might be falling for them both, but as soon as the army calls, they will only leave her again.

The two cowboys wrestle with their trauma and struggle with their growing love for Hope. But when Hope is threatened and stalked by a stranger, the two cowboys must find it in themselves to overcome their past to save Hope and their future together.

Reader note: contains M/F/M ménage elements

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 4.00