Magic in the Stars

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Magic in the Stars

Unexpected Magic, #1

As an astrologer, the stars has Lady Azenor Dougall trying to convince Lord Theophilus Ives that there is a fatal threat to him and his family but can she escape her own fate if she lingers in his company too long in this riveting magical romance.

Theo is a dedicated astronomer and is undaunted by the tumult of his life until Aster, the Prophetess of Doom arrives to warn them the Marquess is in danger and the reader can’t help but be captivated and charmed by this rocky and according to the stars, doomed relationship. Aster and Theo certainly have enough chemistry sizzling between them to set off lots of fireworks but the sparks comes from Aster’s kind of excitable personality as she sets about setting Theo straight which causes quite a few chuckles as their relationship continues on its course. These strong characters have very charismatic personalities that has readers taking a liking to them almost immediately and the steady to fast paced plot keeps readers on edge with suspense, excitement and romance.

Aster and her predictions add an abundance of spine tingling anticipation to the story as it keeps readers waiting for the next shoe to drop but there is also excitement and tensions building throughout the story because of some intriguing manipulations afoot among the countryside that is causing quite a few conflicts and adding danger to the story. The scenes are well written with vivid details that make it easy for the reader to picture each and every scene while the suspense ensures that there is never a dull moment.

I have to tell that I got quite a kick out of Aster and Theo’s story, they have a bit of a quirky relationship full of some encounters that are very energetic and easily kept all my attention focused on them although I was captivated by all the Ives brothers as well and I can’t wait to find out who’s story is next.

Book Blurb for Magic in the Stars

As an astrologer, Lady Azenor Dougall sadly realizes her stars are a danger to her beloved siblings and has banished herself from her Scots home. As the Malcolm family librarian, she dutifully creates zodiac charts for her often eccentric and mysterious relations—until the day she realizes a dire conjunction of planets spells a fatal threat in a distant branch of the family. Lord Theophilus Ives, heir presumptive to the Marquess of Ashford, Earl of Ives and Wystan, is a dedicated astronomer who has perfected a telescope capable of seeing beyond Saturn’s moons. Living in an all-male family that distrusts the women who regularly abandon them, Theo is undaunted by the tumult of his life—until the day the luscious Lady Azenor arrives to warn them that the marquess is in danger. Can Aster, the Prophetess of Doom, convince a laughing disbeliever of peril? And what are the chances she can escape the fate her stars predict if she lingers too long in Lord Theo’s enthralling company?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 4.00